Gambia: Fofanajula Is Among The Survivors Of The ISIS Friday Terror Attack In Libya!


ISIS’S massacre of West African migrants is still ongoing in the Libya, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Hundreds of migrants residing along the slums in Tripoli, are being targeted for mass execution by the brutal terror group ISIS.

In view of the latest mass execution of the migrants by the ISIS terrorists, some of the migrants have started fleeing from the slums, where they have been hosted by the human traffickers.


Mr. Lamin Khan, is a Gambian migrant based in Germany.  Mr. Khan said one of the survivors of Friday’s terror attack in Tripoli, Omaro Tunkara, has been rendered panic stricken because of the mass killings perpetrated by ISIS. Omaro is currently in hiding, he said. Omaro is also working on his safe exit out of Libya, so that he can return to his native country, The Gambia, he added.

According to Mr. Khan, he was able to speak with one of the migrants in Libya, who goes with the name “4FANAJULAA’S” on his Libyan Viber cell number. He said the Gambian young man, also confirmed to him about the execution of the three hundred West African migrants—some whom were Gambian migrants, who travelled through the back way to Libya.

“The chap I spoke with is a Mandingka. He said another attack happened on Saturday evening Libyan time. They are all panicking. The situation in Libya is chaotic at this hour,” Khan said during a phone conversation with this paper.

Numerous Viber calls were placed on “4FANAJULAA” cell line, by the Freedom Newspaper, but he was indisposed to pick up our calls.

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