Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Allegedly Killed The Grandfather Of The Detained Gambian Journalist Abdoulie Ceesay; As Jammeh Uses His Guards To Intimidate The Oldman To Death!


The grandfather of the imprisoned Gambian journalist Abdoulie Ceesay, has died in the hands of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rogue security agents after the dictator personally ordered his guards to terrorize the Old man and the Ceesay family, residing in Sinchu Alhagie, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Armed soldiers showed up at the home of Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay and started indiscriminately firing live ammunition in the air thereby causing panic in the area. The late Mr. Ceesay succumbed to his death, following the unruly behavior of the State Guard soldiers, who were ordered by the deranged Kanilai monster, to shoot and kill any of the inhabitants of the area found in the streets on night of the forced vigil.

A cab driver was shot in the leg by the rampaging soldiers, while hundred other residents were forced to remain in their homes, until the soldiers were done with their mission to terrorize the community. This followed reports that the family of the detained Gambian journalist Abdoulie Ceesay were planning to visit the State House to plead with dictator Jammeh to release their loved one from state custody. Mr. Ceesay has been charged with sedition. He has been accused of distributing a portrait bearing an armed sniper, who threatened to shoot and kill dictator Jammeh on July 22nd marking the twenty one years rule of Jammeh’s regime.

Mr. Abdoulie Ceesay has been under state custody for over six months. He has been denied bail. His family has also been denied access to The Gambian journalist.

According to a source, who reached us prior to the unfortunate demise of the respected Sinchu Alhagie community leader, the armed guards stormed the village and started terrorizing the population.

“I wanted to draw your attention to an incident which happened in Sinchu Alhagie on Wednesday. A group of armed soldiers surrounded the village, near the Alkalo’s home. They were acting in a rash and arrogant manner. They warned people to stay in door and threatened to shoot anyone—be it young or old. During the indiscriminate firing, a commercial driver was shot by the soldiers. The community was intimidated by the reckless actions of the soldiers. The soldiers claimed that they were on an exercise in preparation of a mission to Darfur, Sudan.  Many folks here doubted their claim.”

The Freedom Newspaper Editor raised the reprehensible conduct of the armed soldiers during his Sunday Leral radio show. He strongly condemned the behavior of trigger happy soldiers.

A respected Gambian Imam, and human rights activist Imam Baba Leigh, phoned in and told the Freedom Editor to use his investigative skills to investigate the shooting incident, which occurred near the Alkalo’s home. Imam Leigh also said based on the information he received, the family of the detained journalist Abdoulie Ceesay were planning to meet the dictator prior to the next court date of their detained loved one. Imam Leigh believes that the soldiers were sent by Jammeh to preempt the planned State House meeting with Jammeh. 

The demise of Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay is a great loss to The Gambia and her people. Dictator Jammeh should take full responsibility for the demise of the late Mr. Ceesay. Jammeh uses his soldiers to persecute the Old man to death.

It would be recalled that the detained Gambian journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, was tortured by Jammeh’s constituted assassin team, when he was first arrested. He was forced to drink a cooking oil. He was also physically tortured.

Written By A Staff Writer

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