Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has issued an Executive Directive instructing all Civil Servants to dress in veil, when reporting to work henceforth, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Jammeh’s decision to compel Gambian workers to dress in veil is part of his quest to transform The Gambia as an Islamic State. The Executive Directive was issued today. Details of the hard copy of the Executive Directive would be shared online later for all to see.

FATOU JAMMEH AND YAHYA JAMMEHMeanwhile, the gold digger wife of Yahya Jammeh, Zeinab Souma Jammeh is working very hard to blend in so that she can be accepted by Gambians. She looks weird in her latest Gambian outfit dress. She doesn’t respect Gambian culture, even though she is trying to fake it. She doesn’t speak none of our local dialects. She also wouldn’t allow her kids to interact with Gambian kids, including her Jolla in-laws. None of her kids speak Jolla. 

Zeinab married Jammeh for money. If she loves and embraces Gambian culture as she tries to convince us, why is it that she cannot speak her lazy husband’s local dialect Jolla? She can’t speak Wollof or Mandingka either.


Zeinab’s late Dad hailed from Guinea. She can’t speak Fulani as well. This woman thinks that she can ride on Gambians for economic gains. Her insane husband is an economic whore. He is allowing this lady to live large at the detriment of Gambian taxpayers. History is going to judge her harshly. 


Zeinab and Yahya Jammeh have been married for over fifteen years. Yet Zeinab, hasn’t assimilated to The Gambian culture. She has quickly assimilated to the American culture, and yet she refused to adapt to her husband’s own culture. This is evident on her dress style and fake slang. There is nothing bad for her, to  assimilate to the American culture. We welcome that. But the truth be told, Zeinab is not a role model First Lady.  For Gambians and the world to appreciate her more, she should develop interest in speaking one of our local languages. 

 If Yahya Jammeh can pay for her to study English in the United States to perfect her oral and written English, why can’t she learn Jolla? Her former Protocol officer Fatou Njie used to tutor her English. She has developed special interest in learning the English language and not our Gambian local dialects. You see.. Zeinab thinks that Gambians are idiots. Merely putting on that Gambian dress doesn’t mean a darn thing to us. She is fake!

It is an electioneering year for The Gambia. Zeinab doesn’t want to lose the millions her corrupt and greedy husband is dishing out to her. She thinks that by dressing like Gambian women, she can appease voters to vote for Jammeh. Little did she knows that her game is over! Gambians will reclaim their country from Jammeh come December. Zeinab, you better start packing. Jammeh has no choice come December.  He might not even witness the 2016 elections. The wind of change is blowing across the Atlantic.  Get that gold digger Zeinab!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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