Gambia: Jammeh’s Schemes To Swindle Millions From The Arab World In The Name Of “Islamization” Of The Gambia Exposed!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, if you recall DCC, has reported on this paper that the dictator is insane and needs immediate medical attention. In the Gambia, if one do not run around naked you are considered normal, but now even the small children now know that monster Jammeh is crazy and something is wrong. He is confused, tired, paranoid and reacting to everything and sometimes goes two days without sleep and he is constantly on the telephone calling the entire country about security, it is all about his security. DCC will tell you why dictator Jammeh is declaring Gambia as an Islamic State, the answer is very simple. Monster Jammeh is not a Muslim because he will be praying and sleeping with young girls, whilst people are attending GAMO at the state house; he will be sleeping with his own immediate family members. He worships idols, sacrifices animals and human beings to JALANGS. Just this past Saturday, monster Jammeh was worshiping Jalangs. The only reason why monster Jammeh is declaring Gambia as an Islamic State is because he is now an Arab “bumster or bumser”, he is trying to appease the Arabs so that they can give him money. Money means everything to dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab, if it means that they will sell the whole Gambia, they will do it. DCC has reported to you over and over again that monster Jammeh has no money, there is no money. So since he is not getting any money from the west, he is now turning to be an Arab bumster so that he can get some money.    

ZEINAB JAMMEH NEWFellow Gambians, remember that it is not confirmed yet but potentially Gambia will be hosting the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which is slated this coming June. So to appease and to meet some of the requirements monster Jammeh is trying to implement all these laws. Again this started long time ago, he attempted this with the Pakistani Chief Justice to transform Gambia into sharia law, but he backed down when this was exposed by DCC. So when he started insulting Gambian women for wearing jeans and western trousers, DCC knew where he was heading. Fellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh’s daughter who just left Gambia yesterday morning with devil Zeinab, was wearing tight trousers and was not covering her head. Devil Zeinab is traveling like an airplane pilot, she travel to France yesterday morning with over 20 entourage and afterwards they are going to America for Mariama to return to school. Dictator Jammeh needs to start with his family first, none of them covers their faces and they all wear tight trousers. Unknown to many Gambians, monster Jammeh spent New Year’s Eve in Kanilai with different women and all of them are his own blood. DCC knows all these girls and we will release all their names. Dictator Jammeh did not trust staying in Banjul and decided to run to Kanilai and the Cassamance rebels were guarding him. Devil Zeinab joined monster Jammeh the following day begging for money and left very angry. And Gambians as soon as devil Zeinab left Kanilai monster Jammeh started abusing these girls alone and some of these girls are afraid for their lives. As we speak, these girls are here with us at state house, when the cat is away the mice will play, devil Zeinab is in France.

According to a reliable DCC agent at the minister of interior, monster Jammeh has issued directives for women to be arrested if they don’t abide with his executive order. Don’t be surprised if there is MASS ARREST of women tomorrow, monster Jammeh will do anything for money and to stay in power. But many Gambian soldiers have come to the conclusion that dictator Jammeh is insane and cannot lead the nation anymore, TIME WILL TELL what this means. Dictator JAMMEH will continue to implement laws to appease the ARABS so that he can host the OIC event and they will give him millions of dollars so that he and devil Zeinab can continue their flamboyant lifestyles. Monster Jammeh is so desperate now that he is sending the foot financial soldiers to collect money around the clock. As we reported before these financial foot soldiers don’t account for anything, they will just appear and collect money and will not sign anything. Many people managing monster Jammeh’s businesses will be arrested soon.

Fellow Gambians, please write to the OIC and explain to them that Jammeh is a dictator and a monster. DUGA and other organizations please if you haven’t done so please write to OIC and explain to them that after the OIC event monster Jammeh will treat them just like he treated Taiwan, one trust dictator Jammeh. He only wants their money and afterwards he is capable of going to another religious institution and will promise them that he will transform Gambia to any religion they desire.

Fellow Gambians, last week monster Jammeh cheated Gambians by personally taking ambulances donated by Qatar and giving them to the Army. According to a reliable DCC agent at the ports and foreign affairs, the ambulances were donated by Qatar to the Gambian people and dictator Jammeh took the ambulances and donated them to the Army. Why the Qatar embassy in the Gambia, but their flag is is not flying in the air. Gambians the Qatar embassy is by One plus One furniture, but they don’t have their flag on the building, why not?

Fellow Gambians, on a last note, Peter Singhateh is still in the Gambia, DCC members have seen him at the state house, who is paying Peter, is it the government or dictator Jammeh, where is he getting his salary, TIME WILL TELL. Finally, UNKNOWN to many Gambians, the Senegalese Army is in the territory by Dasilami. This is the place where there is a border dispute between the Gambian and Senegal. Senegal has a lot of soldiers around Dasilami and monster Jammeh is very afraid and is not insulting the Senegalese anymore. If you have any family member by Dasilami just call and ask them. In fact monster Jammeh is complaining that the Senegalese have taken some parts of the Gambia by force but he is not making too much noise on this. Dictator Jammeh do you want to deny this, DCC is monitoring you. Gambians please take some time and write to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and expose dictator Jammeh.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

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