Gambia: State House Cooks, Orderlies And Bodyguards Detained; As Dictator Jammeh Claims That He Was Secretly Poisoned!


All is not well at the State House in Banjul, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. As details are sketchy at this hour, reports have it that the mentally challenged Gambian dictator, has declared an all-out war with his orderlies, bodyguards, and cooks by ordering for their immediate arrest. A good number of the State House kitchen staff, orderlies and bodyguards have been arrested. This followed Mr. Jammeh’s claim that his deteriorating health condition had to do with an alleged secret poisoning. Jammeh has now convinced himself that he was secretly poisoned by close loyalists.

“My boss, we are working on a story for you Sir. There is massive arrest happening at the State House and cooks, orderlies are being arrested. The dictator is claiming that his sickness is due to food poisoning and is arresting a lot of people close to him. We will send you the report very soon,” said source close to dictator Yahya Jammeh.

We reported on this paper in December of 2015, that dictator Yahya Jammeh, was alleged to have been poisoned. He started developing pimples on his face, and later complained about stomach pain.

As soon as the Freedom Newspaper reported the story, Jammeh resorted to covering his face with a white piece of cloth. He also effected changes within his Protocol and guards.

Based on information reaching us, Jammeh’s health has worsen for the past couple of days. He is blaming his cooks and guards for his health problems. For more on the developing story, stay tuned. Our sources on the ground are gathering bit and pieces in regards to the said story.

Written By A Staff Writer

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