Gambia: Bombshell Drops At The State House; Steward Modou Jatta, And Chief Cook Sheikh Tijan Sanyang Detained At The NIA; Accused Of Poisoning Dictator Yahya Jammeh!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss, there is complete confusion and tension at the state house, nobody is comfortable because dictator Jammeh is blaming his close aides for poisoning him. As we speak, Modou Jatta, the former steward who was arrested, released and re-instated has been arrested again and is currently detained at the rogue NIA. Another high profile state house staff chief cook Sheikh Tijan Sanyang is also at the rogue NIA accused of poisoning dictator Jammeh.  Monster Jammeh’s spiritual doctors have reported that he has been poisoned and he has started arresting people close to him. DCC is warning the orderlies, stewards, state house plain clothes, army officers and staff they are NEXT. Just wait and see. DCC is warning everyone close to monster Jammeh that they will be arrested. Co-president Saul Badjie is taking advantage of the situation by devising plans with the spiritual doctors to arrest people he do not like. Saul Badjie is behind many arrest including the arrest of witchcraft.

According to a reliable DCC agent close to Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh, many more arrest are coming. This is dictator Jammeh at his best, he is empowering Saul Badjie to the galaxies and will soon blame him and arrest him. State house is very tense and everybody is talking and is saying that dictator Jammeh has gone mad and something needs to be done. Fellow Gambians, if we don’t get up and take our country back, this monster will mix all of us and there will be fighting in the Gambia soon. Please tell UN and the international community that both Modou Jatta and Sheihk Sanyang are at the rogue NIA and they may be tortured at any time. Monster Jammeh has even ….devil Zeinab of ….. he has confided this to co-president Saul Badjie. Monster Jammeh will not drink or eat anything from devil Zeinab, he will wait until she turn away and will throw or hide the food. Saul Badjie, dictator Jammeh, do you want to deny this? Devil …..spiritual water in monster Jammeh food and drink so that monster Jammeh can give her more money, and monster Jammeh will also try spiritual charms on devil Zeinab so that she can actually divorce him peacefully. 

Fellow Gambians, more spiritual witchcraft doctors are coming from Mali and Guinea Bissau. Unless dictator Jammeh changes his plans many people will be arrested and killed in Foni this weekend. According to our Kanilai DCC agent some people have already been arrested and Borra Colley and major Landing Tamba are the ones executing this order for monster Jammeh. Landing Tamba is the one who had attacked people who demonstrating in America. DCC is following him, he is a fool and we are warning both Landing and Borra that post dictator Jammeh era, they will all face justice. They are knowingly helping monster Jammeh kill innocent people. Dictator Jammeh has declared spiritual warfare to the people in the Foni. He has been told by his spiritual doctors that it is witchcraft who are fighting him spiritually and believes them. Do not underrate the spiritual advisers, they run the country.

It is people like Matarr Jarju a former wrestler, who leads some groups of the spiritual doctors. Just last week our Kanilai DCC agent informed us that monster Jammeh sent elders to the people of Foni to appeal to everyone not to fight him spiritually and this week he attacks them and is about to arrest a lot of people this weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday people will go to the farms at Kanilai to farm for monster Jammeh but please Gambians CALL YOUR PEOPLE not to go there ANYMORE. There are witchcraft doctors waiting for them and they will be forced to drink something that will make them high and they will then be labeled as witches and KILLED. Lately, a lot of people are not going to Kanilai for farming and DCC is warning people not to go there ANYMORE. The Jolas in the FONI have started distancing themselves from monster Jammeh, a majority don’t trust him. These are the people who supported him all these years but now they are finally knowing the real dictator Jammeh. They are disappointed and don’t want anything from him anymore. People in Foni please do not run towards the foni border, monster Jammeh has mounted check points in some of the Foni and Cassamance border, they are monitoring who is running to Senegal, use another exit, and avoid the Cassamance border. 

Fellow Gambians according to a DCC police agent, monster Jammeh sent a team to start monitoring all the female police officers to see if they are abiding to this foolish executive. Dictator Jammeh wants this special surveillance team to listen to who is disgruntle, to see if female officers are using veils and also no skin bleaching. Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh even said that the female officers should not even braid their hair. Gambian women are about to lose their rights, very soon Gambians will lose their cultural, natural and God given rights. As we speak some female soldiers and police officers have been arrested and detain at the Fajara barracks. DCC Fajara barracks agent reported that family members are bringing babies to their mothers so that they can have milk from their mothers. The baby mothers are arrested because they are not using veils and using skin bleach. Some of the detainees are even Christians, monster Jammeh will do anything to appease the Arabs so that he can get money and create the Kingdom of the Gambia and be a KING. Female officers are not allow to wear hair wig, anyone wearing wig will be send home. 

Fellow Gambians call your family members to seek for medical leave if they are using skin bleach, they will be arrested. Monster Jammeh is about to transform Gambia into the ” Islamic Kingdom of the Gambia, Gambians please take this seriously. This is why he is slowly implementing some of these laws to appease the Arabs so that he can host the OIC and also turn the country into the Islamic Kingdom of the Gambia, do you know what he will do afterwards Gambians? Monster Jammeh knows that people including his own family members don’t like him and he do not want to take any chances with the 2016 election. Monster Jammeh will attempt to turn Gambia into a Kingdom so that he can be a ” KING”, if this fails he will create chaos and start a civil war in the Gambia, MARK THIS DOWN.

On a new development monster Jammeh has seized all passports and travel documents from the financial foot soldiers. All the financial food soldiers have deposited some type guarantee compound document. Dictator Jammeh do not want them to run with the money they are collecting from his clandestine businesses.

Finally my boss, DCC can also confirm that the former NDEA director Pa Mbye is detained at NIA. Gambians you will not believe what he is accuse of, he is accuse of human trafficking that he sends Gambian youths to the Middle East. A young boy was arrested at the border who was attempting to take the back way to Europe, when asked how he acquired the passport he told the rogue officers that Pa Mbye helped him. As we reported before monster Jammeh should first arrest himself and Ansumana Jammeh for human trafficking. They have sold so many innocent Gambians abroad. Dictator Jammeh has been hunting Pa Mbye for a long time and is using any way possible to send him to MILE-2. Monster Jammeh did you not say last year that you have turned into a new page and leave and even paroled prisoners and now all of a sudden you have started arresting people again. DCC has told Gambians that monster JAMMEH will never change, he will not even change in his grave, he was born to inflict pain to Gambians and he is a BORN KILLER.  

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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