Gambia: Is Harry Sambou, Jammeh’s Covert Station Chief In Senegal???


A former NIA Director General Harry Sambou, who is privy to the execution of his former colleague Daba Marena, and co is using Dakar, Senegal, as a hideout after he has “supposedly” fallen out with the Kanilai dictator. Boy Harry Sambou, was the NIA DG, when dictator Yahya Jammeh ordered for the gruesome killing of Daba Marena and four others in 2006. Both Harry Sambou and the Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, were in Kanilai, when the mission to kill Daba and co was executed by Jammeh’s assassin team widely referred to here as the jungullars. The duo sat with Jammeh in his room in Kanilai in the aftermath of the mass executions to strategize what kind of story they should come up to fool Gambians.

Former Army Captain Sahou Jallow, and close aide of dictator of Yahya Jammeh was present, when Harry Boy Sambou, and Ousman Sonko arrived. Mr. Jallow was Jammeh’s Chief Orderly at the material time. Saikou Jallow now lives in the UK. He resided in Senegal for some time, before resettling into the UK.

Sources have it that the trio (Jammeh, Sambou and Sonko) were overheard saying that they should come up with a fake press release stating that Daba and co escaped while being escorted to Janjangbureh. That the car the detainees were being transported in was involved in an accident. The late Tumbul Tamba was the lead assassin and was assisted by Major Sanna Manjang.

Harry Sambou’s presence in Senegal, should be investigated by the Senegalese intelligence. He interacts with refugees fleeing from The Gambia. Some of these vulnerable unsuspecting refugees doesn’t know that Harry is a phony character. He is said to be still loyal to Yahya Jammeh. One cannot overrule in its eternity that he is not Jammeh’s station chief in Senegal.

Harry’s wife Jainaba Bah Sambou works at Attorney General’s Chambers, the last time we checked. She used to be an NIA asset. She later studied law and was called to The Gambian Bar. She heads a unit at Gambia’s Justice Ministry.

Our sources in Dakar recently met Harry Boy at a Bar name withheld. Harry doesn’t look like someone, who is running from persecution. He is living large.

Sources said Harry allegedly claimed that the dictator wanted to kill him; hence he decided to flee for his life.  That he was allegedly poisoned. We couldn’t independently collaborate such claims coming from the former NIA boss. Most of the former Jammeh appointees fleeing from persecution arrive in Senegal, with  all kinds of stories. And Harry Boy is one of them.

Harry is not happy with the Freedom Newspaper, largely because he said the paper’s past reportage on him has cost him an employment prospects in Senegal. That the Freedom’s publications has allegedly prevented him from securing an important high paying job in Senegal.

As reported above, Harry Boy, is an unpredictable character. He is privy to a lot of information about the dictator’s Iranian arms deal, the execution of Daba Marena and co, the brutal activities of the NIA, just to name a few, but he will never talk. He was the Permanent Secretary of Defense, when Jammeh’s Iranian arms were intercepted in Nigeria.

If Harry Boy is not working for Jammeh in Senegal, he should not be afraid to face the Senegalese intelligence or the media. He hardly comments on issues relating to the dictatorship in Banjul, during causal conversations with the refugees in Senegal. Gambian refugees in Senegal should watch their back! This man calls Harry Boy, is a green snake in a green grass.

A senior NIA operative in Banjul describes Harry has an adventurist. “When he was reinstated into the NIA, he came in with an agenda. He hardly get along with our assets here. At some point, he prepared a list of the agency’s staffers to be fired. The very day, he was to execute the list of those he targeted for firing, he received his dismissal letter. Pa Fatty, came in from the State House to deliver Harry’s dismissal letter. Almost everyone was rejoicing over Harry’s firing. He wanted to get rid of the oldest serving members of the agency, particularly Drivers, Directors, and so on,” said our source.

Harry Sambou’s mom is called Genesis Sambou. The old lady used to live in Jeshwang just behind the “Joko night club.” Senegal keep an eye on Harry Boy! He needs to be watched!!!

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