Gambia: Gambia’s Interior Minister Allegedly Abandoned The Baby Boy He Had Outside Wedlock With A Lamin Girl Mba Awe Manneh!


Gambia’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, has fathered a child in Kombo Lamin, and abandoned the Baby boy, including his baby mama, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ms. Mba Awe Manneh of Kombo Lamin, was allegedly impregnated by Gambia’s sexual pervert Interior Minister, who later convinced her to undergo an abortion—not knowing that Sonko wanted to render her insane through a prearranged deadly drug injection. Sonko’s baby mama has since lost her mind after she was taken to a Kanifing based gynecologist doctor for the bogus abortion. She was injected with a lethal drug which rendered her crazy.

Mba Awe Manneh is related to the Bojang family of Lamin. The Bojangs are the original descendants of Lamin. The baby boy she had with Ousman Sonko has been handed to a relative of her for caring. She was impregnated by Sonko, while she was married to a Gambian, residing in Europe. She had a child with the said Gambian. She is not mentally fit to raise Sonko’s kid. This is largely due to her ailing mental faculties.

Ms. Manneh first gotten into contact with Ousman Sonko, when the Minister offered to give her a ride. She was lured into sex on the first encounter she had with the Minister. Reports have it that she was allegedly raped while she was on board the car. She later developed a love affair relationship with the low life Interior Minister.

Ms. Mba Awe Manneh graduated from St. Peters High School. She later became a Nurse. She was an ambitious young girl, before Minister Sonko allegedly messed up her life.

When Ms. Manneh noticed that she has lost one of her mensurable cycles, she confided to Minister Sonko that she was pregnant. The pregnancy was unplanned. Sources said she was convinced to undergo an abortion. She was allegedly taken to a clinic owned by a renowned doctor, close to The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. Sonko, allegedly conspired with the doctor in question to inject Ms. Manneh so that she can become insane. The lady was drugged out. Her madness comes on and off.

Sources said Ms. Manneh told her parents that she was impregnated by Ousman Sonko. This was well before she has given birth. Ms. Manneh’s Dad passed away some years ago. Her mom is alive.

“Ousman Sonko should be investigated. He fathered a child outside wedlock in Lamin. His baby mama Mba Awe Manneh lives in Lamin. The child resembles Ousman Sonko. A member of the Bojang family is raising Ousman Sonko’s child. Sonko has abandoned his own child,” said our source.

Interior Minister Ousman Sonko was indisposed for comment when contacted on his cellular phone.

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