Gambia: “Jammeh Transforming The Gambia As An Islamic State, Is A Recipe For Instability,” Warns A Letter Writer


Hi Pa. I’ve been reliably informed that the Islamic Council of the Gambia has endorsed the idea of Gambia becoming an Islamic State. If true this shows not only gross ignorance of the reality of the current Islamic world, but criminal negligence that will lead Gambia into disaster. This is obvious to anyone who follows the news. Accordingly I submit this piece to put their decision into its international context.


It has been reported that the Islamic Council of the Gambia has endorsed Jammeh’s proposal to transform the Gambia into an Islamic State.

In doing so they recklessly jeopardize the Islamic Faith, the peace of Gambian people and the very existence of Gambia as a viable nation.

What are my reasons for saying this?

1) Jammeh’s motives have nothing to do with the Islamic Faith. He is known to worship idols both at the State House and Kanilai. This is one of the greatest sins in Islam, Christianity and Judaism (from which both originate). As a child I was taught “jullitt doo dem chi jalang”. A believer should NOT worship idols. If he can establish Gambia as an Islamic State, elections will be abolished. He will be sole and indefinite ruler of the Gambia, as a King, followed by his children with Zeinab as queen and queen mother. NAM’s, rest assured that the House will be abolished along with all your salaries and privileges. Secondly by sponsoring and Islamic conference in the Gambia he hopes to attract a few million dollars to spend exclusively on himself and his family. A hyena cannot change its nature.

2) The Islamic State doctrine is loosely based on the return of the Mahdi to establish a geographical country where pure Islam will be practiced and Sharia Law will be the norm. The Mahdi will be both a political and spiritual leader. A tree is known by its fruits. The so called Islamic State currently in Syria and Iraq have deliberately slaughtered the innocent (men, women and children) in total contradiction to the true spirit and meaning of the Quran. By their actions they have proved that they have NO spiritual mandate from the Quran, and are no more than brutal criminals using Islam as a vehicle for their selfish political ambitions. The same applies to their offshoots, Al Shebab in East Africa, IS in Mali and Libya,  Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria Cameroon and Chad. 

3) Islamic State (in Syria and Iraq) has declared total war on the Europe, America and ALL Moslems who do not share their extreme views. Although derived from Al Quaida, they have been rejected because of their indiscriminate slaughter and brutal oppression of their fellow Moslems, especially women. To associate Gambia with the very name of Islamic State will turn the West, America and the whole world against Gambia. Not to mention ECOWAS and of course our closest neighbor, Senegal. They are currently fighting ISIS offshoots in Mali, and have been armed by France with drones (pilotless war planes). How likely is it that they will tolerate and Islamic State like a knife in their own heart? What option would they have except to fight against us, armed and funded by France in particular?

4) Every country that has embraced the ideology of an Islamic State is being torn apart by war, not only with their own governments but with different Islamic factions within their own country. Libya is very close to the Gambian mind, with so many of our children suffering or dying there as I write. It will be many decades if ever before they reconstruct. 

5) Arabs in general have neither love nor regard for black Africans. The very word in Arabic for a black person means a slave, derived from the fact that for over 700 years the Arabs captured and sold blacks into slavery. The Europeans may have joined in the slave trade, but at least they stopped it. The Arabs have never stopped. Boko Haram are today threatening to sell the women they captured into slavery and will find buyers among the Arabs. Slavery was only legally abolished in Mauretania in 1981!! Compared to Western Aid, the Arabs offer nothing except their ideology and culture. In spite of their wealth and proximity to Syria and Iraq and being fellow Moslems it is the West that shoulders the responsibility for the millions of starving refugees. That’s why they are all heading to Europe. Are these the people that we as Gambians want to ally ourselves with, for a few million dollars that Zeinab will spend in a few weeks? Then Gambia will suffer for another 20 years like Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan? Our country totally destroyed physically, economically, socially? 

6) Surprisingly the head of the IMF has officially warned Saudi Arabia that they will be bankrupt within 5 years unless they change their fiscal policies. They still have oil reserves but the price has fallen dramatically from a one time high of over $150 per barrel to a current rate of $34 today. This is the economic catastrophe facing all the oil dependent countries, including Nigeria and Venezuela. In practice Saudi Arabia is reducing its overseas donations and could itself be facing huge social tensions and potentially the overthrow of the Royal Family within a few years. 

7) Saudi Arabia and Iran are locked into a regional power struggle. It divides along the Sunni/Shia religious doctrine. The Shia’s believe that the mantle of the Prophet fell on Ali, a blood relative of the Prophet. The Sunnis believe that it fell on the most competent social and spiritually competent leader, AbuBakar. Today this has escalated in to a vicious and spreading war between Saudi and Iran, being fought by proxy in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. West Africa is almost exclusively Sunni and has nothing to benefit by getting involved in two Arab nations power struggle. The risks and dangers of becoming a proxy battleground far outweigh any possible advantages of getting involved.

In conclusion, Gambia has everything to lose by becoming an “Islamic State” and nothing to gain. Jammeh has destroyed everything he touched in Gambia since taking power by force. Having failed in his avowed intention to “develop” our country his final intention is to plunge it into destruction. He failed to create a civil war between the tribes, but unless stopped could destroy us by proclaiming the Islamic State of the Gambia instead of the Republic of the Gambia.

A final question to our Islamic leaders: Were you aware of the above facts before endorsing idea of changing Gambia into an Islamic State? Did you consider the consequences? Either way, if it goes ahead the blood of many innocent Moslems and Christians will be on your hands. God will not hold you innocent on the day of your judgement. If not then Allah is not your God. Please reconsider.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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