Gambia: The truth about Gambia Supreme Islamic Council’s support of an Islamic Republic!


Officials of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) and members of the Banjul Muslim elders were yesterday at State House to express appreciation and support to The Gambian leader for declaring the country an Islamic Republic.

The delegation, led by the President of the GSIC Alhaji Muhammed Lamin Touray, was received by the Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs at her office.

His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa declared The Gambia an Islamic Republic in December, 2015  at a meeting in the country’s coastal town of Brufut towards the end of his 2015 Dialogue with the people tour.

The religious leaders described President Jammeh’s decision as appropriate and a step in the right direction, saying it will strengthen the fundamentals of the Islamic religion, which, they said, teaches peace and  harmony.

“We came here today to show our appreciation to President Jammeh for his decision to make The Gambia an Islamic Republic.  “The GSIC, Banjul Muslim elders and The Gambia Muslim community views the move as Allah’s additional bounty to the country and the people,” Alhaji Muhammad Lamin Touray the President of the GSIC and Imam of State House Mosque said.

Imam Touray affirmed that The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council and other Muslim elders will continue to pray for Allah’s increased defence and blessings on the country. He further told the gathering that President Jammeh’s proclamation of The Gambia as an Islamic Republic alone is bigger and heavier than the mountain, saying only a strong, brave, faithful and true Muslim can make such decision.

“President Jammeh has made numerous strides in support of Islam. It was Allah who gave him to us and we are thankful to Allah for that. GSIC and all the Muslim elders have welcomed the decision,” he stated.

According to him, the dividing line between an Islamic Republic and a non-Islamic Republic is thin. He said if there will be difference, it will be that an Islamic Republic’s law will strengthen the other existing laws of the country.

The Vice President and Women’s Affairs Minister Her Excellency Aja Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy said President Jammeh has strong faith in Allah, saying his support to the Islamic religion has gained global recognition. “He has taken several numbers of Muslims to conduct pilgrimage in Mecca and Christians to Rome,” she reminded.

VP Njie Saidy appealed to the country’s religious leaders to remain steadfast and support the President’s proclamation and make more researches on the detailed requirement to become an Islamic Republic. “Islam always stands for and teaches peace and what is right. I am confident that every genuine Gambian Muslim will support the decision,” she added.

Alhaji Cherno Alieu Mass Kah, the Imam Ratib of Banjul said Allah brought man on earth to be His slave, therefore, worshiping Him through the Islamic faith and promoting the religion is the responsibility of man himself. While commending President Jammeh for the decision, Imam Ratib Kah called on Gambians, irrespective of their religious affiliation to continue to be united.

Momodou Aki Bayo, Lands and Regional Governments Minister and Fatou Lamin Faye, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education said President Jammeh is always a consistent Muslim and a strong supporter and promoter of the Islamic faith. Minister Bayo said President Jammeh is always prepared to defend the truth at all times and that is why Allah will continue to guide and protect him in his leadership.

Alhaji Alieu Mboge, Secretary General of the Banjul Muslim Elders and Alhaji Ousman Jah, both declared their strong support for the President’s decision.

by Amadou Jallow

A tree is known by it’s fruits

As a majority Moslem country it is right that Gambia should choose to become an Islamic State, and live according to Sharia Law. It is the right of the majority to vote in such a change according to the Constitution and a referendum. What is not right is that the Islamic faith should be hijacked for political gain by a non-believer with a terrible record of abuse of every law known to man, legal, constitutional, and against the very Quran itself.

Considering some of the above comments made by members of the GSIC.

“A step in the right direction strengthening the fundamentals of the Islamic faith which teaches peace and harmony”. If true, yes, but who has done more to disturb the peace and harmony of Gambia and and Gambians than our so called president, who would now be king? His very life style and track record violates the most basic principles of Islam.

“The GSIC …views this move as Allah’s additional bounty to the Gambia”. If Jammeh is God’s bounty to the Gambia after all he has done to destroy it and the countless lives lost, then their Allah is NOT the Allah of the Quran, but satan himself.

Imam Touray…”Only  a strong, brave, faithful and true Moslem can make such a decision”. Who is he talking about? Jammeh? I think not. 

Let me ask some questions. In all his travels, including to Saudi Arabia  has Jammeh ever performed the Hajj? It is possible, but as a Gambian I’ve never heard of it. Surely every true Moslem who can afford it is obliged to perform the Hajj. If he has, why does his  life style not show it? Has Zeinab?  How can a true Moslem have and worship a Jalangs in his homes. These are idols, which the Quran forbids. Is there not one God, Allah and Mohammed is His prophet? So where does open idol worship and human sacrifice fit into Islam? It can’t and doesn’t.


Does Jammeh pray 5 times a day, or even once a day? Does he fast in the ramadan? Does he pay Zakat out of all his stolen wealth? Just a few questions, not even the full five pillars of Islam. Maybe, but it is not evident.


So how can Imam Touray make his comments? Is this ignorance of what is common knowledge or an obvious lie. Are believers supposed to fear God more than man, but not in this case?

Alhaji Cherno Alieu Mass Kah ” Worshipping (Allah) through the Islamic faith and promoting the religion is the duty of man himself. True, but not of the man to whom he referred. This man worships satan and idols in direct opposition to the fundamentals of Islam. He is an enemy of God, Islam and everything that it stands for.

VP Njie Saidy.  Islam stands for and teaches what is right. True, but Jammeh stands for everything that is wrong. Murder, lies, theft, immoral lifestyle, injustice and contempt for Islam and Allah himself. How could he ask the Imam and elders of Kartong to wait for him at their mosque then drive straight past to worship his demons at Sannimentereng? Is this not open contempt for the mosque and Islamic faith?

Mr Bayo. “Jammeh is always prepared to defend the truth..” Which part of his body? His whole life is darkeness, lies evil and destruction. 

“May Allah guide and protect Him”. For yourself maybe, but not the 99% of Gambians who have and are suffering under His rule. Their prayer is God remove him for his peoples sake. 

Alhagie Alieu MBoge  “declaring their strong support for the decision”. For a true Moslem to support the decision is his right, but not to see the deception and motives behind it is either self serving totally immoral. The more so for an informed and educated Moslem like himself.

At the beginning I personally welcomed the changes which the Jammeh regime brought in and supported him. However as the years passed and his true nature revealed itself I have realised that he is  the personification of satan and have turned against him for moral and spiritual reasons. This having neither benefitted nor suffered at his hands. Only that I really care about Gambia and Gambians, and God’s truth. If Jammeh is God’s blessing to Gambia, then this is a direct insult to God and His Word.

In 1976 I detected a change in the moral climate of Gambia. The truth was turned into lies and lies into the truth. Judging by the GSIC comments nothing has changed. This is the true root of Gambia’s problems. Evil men  like Jammeh are called men of God, blessed and favored by Allah. True believers like Imam Baba Leigh and Kawsu, men of strong faith and morals are driven out of the country for telling the truth. The GSIC and others like Imam Fatty have applauded their arrest and persecution.

There is a judgement awaiting every human being, when each of us will stand alone and give an account of every word and action in our lives. God knows what is in a man’s spirit and everything he has ever done. God is neither fooled nor His Word (Yonentaba) mocked. It is not for me to judge the GSIC members. God will do that in His time. Mine is to urge them to repent of their lies and hypocrisy before it is too late. To whom much is given (responsibility) much more is expected. Members of the GSIC, representatives of Islam your above words and support for an evil man bring Islam into disrepute. Please study the Quran and repent before it is too late. 

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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