Gambia: What Was APRC’S Malick Mbye Doing At The NIA? Jammeh Training Militia Forces In Kanilai Ahead Of The Elections!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, according to reliable NIA DCC agents, one Malick Mbaye, from America visited the NIA headquarters and actually met with the rogue NIA Director General. DCC saw this person at the NIA last week and our agents are following him. Fellow Gambians, unless this Malick, is an informant what is he doing at the NIA. DCC cannot confirm if he delivered something or he came to the Gambia to collect something, the question is why is this person meeting with the rogue NIA, something is not right. People in America please be careful of this Mr. Mbaye. Just call his America phone number and see if he is there, he is not there. Those who know him, please visit his compound, you will not find him, he is here in Gambia. People in the diaspora, please be careful of such people, they are capable of anything. These people are very greedy and money means anything to them. Who in this world should be supporting monster Jammeh knowing that he is arresting, raping women, jailing, breaking families and killing innocent Gambians. Unless you are a greedy person, you should not be working with dictator Jammeh. Once again, please people in the diaspora be careful of some of your friends there. They collect information from you and report you to the NIA. Our DCC agents are monitoring Malick Mbaye and we will send you more information on him again. DCC will expose anyone who is abetting and helping dictator Jammeh to suppress, compress and kill innocent Gambians.

Fellow Gambians, over 3000 youths have been recruited around the country and they are currently at Kanilai. Please call your family members and advise them not to be part of this group. Monster Jammeh is using agriculture as a cover up, he told them that they are in Kanilai for agriculture training. Unknown to many Gambians they are going to be used for the upcoming 2016 election and they are going to be used to intimidate, arrest and kill the opposition, MARK THIS DOWN. Borra Colley is the leader of this group, Gambians please take this very seriously. The opposition should take this WARNING very seriously.

As we have reported here before, there is a heavy presence of Senegalese soldiers around the key Cassamance border crossings. Monster Jammeh is afraid that Senegal may invade Gambia and has instructed these youths to be trained for espionage as well. According to a DCC agent, the Senegalese are heavily armed, DCC do not know what is happening but something is wrong. Monster Jammeh do not trust the army, police, immigration, etc, he is trying to fool young youths to fight for him. DCC will provide you with a list of some of the key members.

As we speak, Kanilai is full of these youths, again call your family members and make sure your sons and daughters are not part of this group. We are reminding these youths that Gambians will not be intimidated and when Jammeh is finished they will answer to justice. Dicctator Jammeh will start civil war in the Gambia.

Fellow Gambians, call your family members to not vote for these member of parliament that are helping monster Jammeh, tell them to distance themselves from these MPs, they are all the same. Prominent people in the Gambia should be vigilant and should avoid going to RVTH, the Syrian doctors are there and will do anything for dictator Jammeh. Avoid the RVTH hospital.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE, December 2014 Martyrs.

Editor’s note:  Malick Mbye could not be reached for immediate comment. This paper has confirmed that he is in Banjul on a visit. He has been critical of those opposing the regime here in the US. He has repeatedly lambasted the Freedom Editor online calling him names. He was on GRTS talking junk against dissidents based abroad.  He is a strong supporter of Africa’s worst dictator. He is the propaganda machine of the dictator in the US.  He once interviewed the mother of the Freedom Editor in an attempt to disparage and ridicule him. 

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