Gambia: Jammeh Chickens Out On The Head Tie Directive For Gambian Workers, Following Public Pressure!


Following public pressure, Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has rescinded an Executive Directive compelling Gambian Civil Servants to tie their head when reporting to work, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A press release issued by the office of the President today stated that the decision to require government workers to tie their head has been lifted for the sake of Jammeh’s personal love of our women. The release added that women are no longer require to tie their while reporting to work. The release also stated that the earlier decision to impose head tie for Gambia workers has nothing to do with religion. 

This followed widespread protest both at home and abroad about Jammeh’s draconian head tie policy. The dictator has finally succumbed to public pressure.

The Executive Directive was issued barely less than a week by Jammeh. It has now been rescinded. The decision to rescind the head tie policy has been welcomed across the length and breadth of the country.

Mr. Jammeh came to power through a coup. His regime has been widely criticized for its total lack of respect for human rights and the rule law.

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