Gambia: Letter Writer Questions The Legitimacy Of The American International University West Africa Branch!


Dear Pa,

I have been quiet for some time now about a fake University in The Gambia. I am including a document that will expose them as being not accredited university in US or anywhere in the world. They are just chopping money from Africans. This so called AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL university- WEST AFRICA is owned by an Indian who promises free education to Gambians, but totally ripped them in other fees. We should make the necessary action on this matter. The owner is Dr. Denesh Shokla, who claims to be a Dr, but he is not. THEY also offer scholarship to Gambians through moherst and moh, but all the scholars are relatives of the Ministers or PS.

Help me expose them and may Allah help us in fighting this crappy and untruthful people.

“He who cheats is not of us. Deceitfulness and fraud are things that lead one to Hell.”

I trust the confidentiality of this email.

Respectfully yours,


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