Gambia: Detained State House Kitchen Staff Released And Dismissed; Jammeh Rescinded Head Tie Decision For Political Reasons!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss dictator Jammeh has released the state house steward Modou Jatta and chef cook Sheikh Sanyang. According to a reliable NIA DCC agent they were both released on Wednesday and both are home and they have also been dismissed. Remember that both men were accused of poisoning dictator Jammeh, and after being approached and begged monster Jammeh decided to release them but they have been dismissed. Do not be surprised that next week both men will be reinstated. In the Gambia today, it is always good if one is dismissed so that one can stay far from this monster. Dictator Jammeh is unpredictable, confused and paranoid. These are men who have been working and cooking for him since he took power and he is just using these tactics to make everybody afraid. The state house is tense and everybody thinks that they are next to be arrested. State house is the worst place to work in the Gambia today. People will work one straight month without going home to their families. Dictator Jammeh do not trust anyone to go home because he thinks that people will plot something against him. He is kidnapping soldiers for months, they don’t sleep, they don’t see their families and they are all stress all the time. The entire staff at the state house are not happy. But anyone dismissed from state house is HAPPY.

To prove that monster Jammeh is not stable is to look at the directive he issued not long time ago by telling all women to use veils. And all of a sudden he has changed his stupid man again. Monster Jammeh is the same villain, who has been insulting Gambian women, he said that they wear jeans and that is why they can’t bear children, he has been arresting, jailing and killing Gambian women family members and husbands. Since last week dictator Jammeh had instructed a team to go to the public and get people’s reaction. The surveillance team submitted a report clearly stating that the entire country is not happy with the veil directive, they pointed out that WOMEN are very angry and they are complaining. When he received this report he panicked and changed his mind again. So the only reason why monster Jammeh changed his mind is because the 2016 election is around the corner. DCC is warning Gambians not to trust monster Jammeh, remember he said that he has turned into a new leaf but he is getting worst by the minute. DCC can report to you that after the election he will reverse back and execute the veil directive, MARK THIS DOWN. Gambian women should wake up now and distance themselves from monster Jammeh. As we speak, dictator Jammeh sent mayor Colley and others to talk to the “YAI COMPINGS” that he loves Gambian women. He will soon blame others for the veil soon, he will soon start avoiding the Islamic council of Muslim elders of Banjul, this is dictator Jammeh at his best, and he will point the finger at someone soon.

One day dictator Junkung Jammeh will ban night clubs, he will ban drumming, no boy or girl friends, no naming ceremonies, DCC can warn you that after the election he will implement a full SHARIA LAW. Monster Jammeh wants to fool Gambians but he knows that the majority of Gambian women are angry with him. Very soon he will arrange a big occasion for Gambian women to appease them, he will steal money from the government and give it to them, write this down. With the withdrawal of the veil directive, what is he going to do with the Islamic State of the Gambia, is it just a name? 

On a final note, our DCC Kanilai agent has informed us that they are preparing to receive monster Jammeh tomorrow Thursday. They have receive orders that monster Jammeh is coming to Kanilai. Devil Zeinab is back from America and they always quarrel, so he is going to Kanilai to sleep with young girls. Why is devil Zeinab not traveling to Kanilai with dictator Jammeh. Why is husband and wife always in different places most of the time? 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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