Gambia: Senior NIA Officer Talks About A New Unit At The NIA; Jammeh’s Failed Bid For An Islamic State Application!


A senior NIA agent contacted the Freedom Newspaper yesterday, but she said she doesn’t want the information she was about to give us to be traced to her. Funnily, she wanted to dictate how the information should be processed. She said the information she volunteered to us, should be published under the “soldier’s” name, a source, who has overtime become a ghost and nightmare to the deranged Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. We emphatically told the NIA agent that we don’t know who the soldier is and that we cannot pretend to be writing stories under his/her name. That we can publish the story under a different name and she agreed.

Just for the records: We screen all our sources. We are aware of the fact that some of the folks coming forward with information might be double agents for Yahya Jammeh. She assured us that she was not sent by Jammeh to infiltrate us. She said she is not happy with what’s happening at the Agency. She talks about an institutionalized torture and corruption under Yank’s Badjie’s leadership.

She started by telling us that there are new recruits at the NIA. The recruits have just graduated and are about to be deployed in the field of intelligence trade craft. That Jammeh wants to beef up his intelligence gathering mechanism ahead of the 2016 Presidential elections.

Another interesting revelation the NIA agent made during our phone conversation with her, was that there is a new unit created at the Agency. There is a Communication Department at the NIA, but a new office has been built purposely for communication related operations. Ms. Amie Ndong, the wife of Interior Minister Ousman Sonko is heading the new unit. Ms. Ndong used to head the NIA’S IT Department prior to her recent transfer.

According to the NIA officer, there is panic and anxiety within the Agency. NIA assets are being made to believe that the new Communication Unit is capable of intercepting their phone activity logs and so on. That the Unit has been tasked to monitor NIA agents, the population and social media. The Unit would also engage in secret wiretapping and recording of government officials, NIA agents, and members of the opposition.

The NIA insider said Yankuba Badjie has transformed the NIA into a concentration camp.Badjie has built numerous structures at the NIA since assuming that post. Badjie has even built a restaurant at the NIA, she said.

The NIA officer also told us that Yahya Jammeh’s move to rescind the recently introduced head tie for Civil Servants was due to Gambia’s unsuccessful bid to be admitted by the Arab world as an Islamic State. She said Gambia’s application for an inclusion among the nations of Islamic State was denied. The reason given for the denial was that The Gambia doesn’t meet the criteria of an Islamic State—given the conflicting existing laws, social settings, and so on… The Jammeh government was told that Senegal and Morocco have embraced Islamic values, but none of the aforementioned countries have been declared an Islamic State. Jammeh’s move for an Islamic State for The Gambia, was purely motivated by monetary gains, she added.

According to the NIA officer, dictator Jammeh’s desperate attempts to milk the coffers of the Arab world, has miserably failed this time around. He was told to concentrate on propagating the teachings of Islamic in his country than making such a cheap proclamation.

Another interesting observation, the NIA officer made was that: Yahya Jammeh’s fall was imminent if he had not rescinded his forced head tie policy. The officer said decision was unpopular and that it was bound to hunt Jammeh in the coming elections. She said Christians and Muslims decried the head tie policy; hence Jammeh decided to chicken out in a bid to restore calm in the country.

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