Gambia: Black Gambian Black Prophet – Yahya Jammeh: – In His Own Words!


By 1994, Yahya Jammeh had become one of Gambia’s most beloved and trusted sons in the midst of all the alleged inequality, corruption and nepotism in the Gambia under Jawara’s watch as the president of the Republic of the Gambia.

He was accompanied by his few military bandit friends in disguised in camouflage uniforms and clutching Kalashnikov in one hand roaming the Gambia streets and on fund-begging trips to Libya, and beyond the Arabia peninsula wearing purity all white attires armed with the Quaran and a sword, where he became well acquainted with Muammar el-Qaddafi  and all the wealthy Saudis and Quarter Billionaires.

Jammeh’s dedication to the Arabs and to the racist messages spewed by him about the western exploitation of Africa and Africans eventually secured him the title of Nasirudeen, Babilimansa, sheikh and all the nonsensical titles meta tagged along his government name.

A former national army sergeant of the Gambia national army, Jammeh’s crude and divisive outspoken rhetoric is exceedingly confrontational. His supporters seem to view his hateful diatribes as expressions of rage that traditional African leaders are unable or unwilling to deliver; however, his numerous appearances at UN chartered Global international meetings such as the UN assembly sessions, commonwealth and ECOWAS and rallies locally have proven to be a little more than a platform for his virulent anti-Semitism  and racism and divisive.

The start of Jammeh’s notoriety was marked by a speech at the 51st UN  Session addressing the international heads of states of the global committees in New York in November 2015 referring to the west” called for the genocide of the Zionist western people, and demeaned both western cultures and homosexuals as evil people.

Sane Gambians in the diaspora and locally issued a denunciation of Yahya Jammeh, condemning his speech as “outrageous hate-mongering of the most vicious and vile kind.” Even trusted allies responded to Jammehs speech by condemning Jammeh’s rhetoric, although they publicly did not take issues with jammeh, for fear of speaking “the truth in return for their arrest, punishment or  even death threats” for mere speaking their minds.

Jammeh’s violent and unapologetic barrage of bigotry, anti-Semitism and racism is particularly disturbing because of the young and impressionable audience at which it is aimed. Despite the rejection of his rhetoric by political and religious leaders, including some prominent Gambian activists and leaders both at home and in the diaspora, Jammeh continues to spread his message of intolerance. His displays of bigotry and fanaticism, often cloaked in religious principles, are best profiled in his own words.

On western leaders who are the slumlords in the global world according to Jammeh. The so-called western powers according to him who are sucking our African bloods in the name of international trade and foreign policies dressed as good Samaritan importers’.

He called the western leaders bloodsuckers and if they don’t like the name they can go to hell, and that he is not going to change that.The Gambia central bank is privately owned and controlled by Jammeh, all the money making machines in the economy- including small scales businesses and public business ventures including banks, airport, ports, electricity and water utility companies.

Talking about the National Debt, ‘the Jammeh Debt’, someone should ask, well who the hell do we owe as Gambians when the loan doesn’t trickle down to the people but kept in offshore personal bank accounts in the name the Jammeh trustee foundations? And who in the world has that much money that Jammeh stole that we would get in debt with? Who are the rich power brokers behind the scenes? Why is the Gambia central bank controlled by the Jammeh family?

Our entertainers, our musicians, our football players, our track stars and athletes are in the palm of the Jammeh regime.Jammeh said in 1994 that he would move into the Government, manipulate it from the perspective of accountability, probity and corruption-free practices following the political process to the tee according to the Gambia constitution, taking note of the much needed welfare reforms, all of the things that Gambians thought would save them.

Now it is time to stand up and fight back, because Jammeh has failed to deliver his promises to the Gambian people. Jammeh and his enablers are bad for business in the Gambia.

The Jammeh enablers are not only practicing tribalism and hate under the directive by their leader Yahya Jammeh, and with his prostitution ring, the so-called government officials all over the Gambia only concerned about making a few Dalasis for themselves and that of their families,Jammeh is also good at practicing sexism and tribalism. He’s a racist and a tribalist, he’s a non-believer, an imperialist. He’s a no-good bastard. He’s not a devil.

Notice the lunatic president pretending to be righteous and a friend to the women of the Gambia. Look at him as he walks around Gambian villages, cities and towns and dicing his own people, he is suppose to lead.

You see, mostly Jammeh loyalists always talk about western economic brutality to Africans. But don’t nobody ever asked what did Jammeh do to west? What did he do to the western folks? He took power illegally and occupied the State house, in Banjul, the way he did business everywhere he goes, and he supplanted, he usurped, he turned around insult them, suffice a US sponsored and trained soldier, in a western country. He had undermined the very fabric of the society that built us and our institutions as our colonial masters.

Jammeh keeps reminding us how many brothers and sisters we lost in the horrendous slave trade. Ex-junglers, ex-diplomats and ex-military and even journalists say we’d be hard-pressed to get less than 10,000 murders under Yahya Jammeh’s direct orders. These murders perpetrated under Jammeh’s watch are not bloated, exaggerated, nor fabricated. these are factual backed with concrete witnesses.

The nerve of them to get angry with the opposition leaders or any Jammeh opposition because they have paralleled Yahya Jammeh with satan, look at him, he looks and walks like a monster and he is a monster.

Somebody must look everyday at Jammeh’s cold lying ugly brown eyes and pull the covers off of them to start speaking up against him in public. I don’t give a damn about Yahya Jammeh and will give you hell Yahya Jammeh from the cradle to the grave. You are wicked and a monster.

Written By The Economist

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