Gambia: Bombshell: EX- State House Chief Of Protocol Sanna Jarju Absconds!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, one of dictator Jammeh’s top supporters and loyalist has absconded from the jurisdiction of the country. This is nobody other than the former Chief of Protocol Sanna Jarju. Sanna has absconded, the DCC can ascertain to you. According to a top state house DCC agent, monster Jammeh instructed the jungllers to go find Sana and arrest him. The black, black visited both of Sanna’s compound at Banjulinding and Paradise Estate and they could not find him. According to the DCC Global Affairs Correspondent Sanna Jarju departed Gambia almost two weeks ago. DCC was aware of this but we wanted to make sure that he arrives at his final destination safely. Sanna is one of the luckiest people alive, when the junglers go for you at night it normally means that they will torture or kill you. This is the best decision Sanna Jarju made, let him not think of coming back. If anyone has access to Sanna please tell him that DCC is warning him not to go back. Dictator Jammeh will try to fool you by promising you that he will reappoint you with a high position, monster Jammeh cannot be trusted.

The former COP knows a lot, he knows a lot about stolen money and he knows about the secret mistresses. The former COP is not well, he has a stomach problem and has been asking monster Jammeh for overseas treatment and he refused to sponsor Sanna. Dictator Jammeh will try everything to make him quiet. This is just the beginning, a lot of high profile and prominent people will abscond. Dictator Jammeh has instructed his agents to monitor some high profile people and make sure that their travel documents are seized. Any smart person working with dictator Jammeh should abscond, dictator Jammeh will one day betray all of them. 

Fellow Gambians, DCC is also reporting that the former top Chef Sheikh Sanyang, who was released last week has been rearrested. Monster Jammeh is mad and crazy, he told NIA that he never instructed them to release the Chef. The top Chef is accused of poisoning monster Jammeh, and this is all based on spiritual doctors, there is no proof, it is just monster Jammeh JALANGS at Kanilai, who gave the information to dictator Jammeh. Whatever the spiritual advisers tell him he will do it. The spiritual doctors told him that one day Pa Nderry Mbai will get in a plane and go home, but it still have not happen yet. Monster Jammeh says that he is a Muslim, when he worships trees and stops. Dictator Jammeh do not pray, all he do is sleep with young Gambian girls. And all these girls are targeted during Kanilai programs. In fact during the programs there are certain VIP section reserved for girls wearing shorts, skirts and “changal.”

Fellow Gambians, do you know what happen one day when a soldier refused a young girl, who was wearing skirt to sit at the VIP section, monster Jammeh DISMISSED the soldier. Dictator Jammeh approves of who sits at the VIP section. Do you know how many soldiers monster Jammeh will send home if they stop any girl who is not properly dress to sit at the VIP section, monster Jammeh instructs soldiers to make sure that sexy women sit at the VIP section and this is the same person saying that women should cover their face. Monster Jammeh DCC knows a lot, we will release all at the relevant time and you will be SHOCKED.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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