Editorial: The Jammehs Are Now Bloodsuckers!


The sheer greed of the Jammehs is beyond comprehension! After collapsing the economy and the infrastructure, the Jammehs are now engaged in begging, stealing, extortion, and forced labor against the oppressed Gambian community. This is really shameful Gambia. A true leader should be concerned about the well-being of his countrymen and women, than his own personal development.

Last night, Gambians watched the deranged Kanilai jester openly accepting what he calls a “gift” from his Cabinet Ministers. An amount of eighty four (84) bags of maize was handed to the greedy Kanilai monster by his Ministers. Yet this is the very guy, who said he wants to fight hunger in this country. What a joke. Jammeh is the Robbin Hood of The Gambia!

The Ministers have secured a farmland in Jalangba, Kombo South. In addition to their Ministerial responsibilities, they also farm for the Gambian dictator. Proceeds of the farm are usually handed to Jammeh.

Instead of allowing the Ministers to use the harvested maize to feed their respective families, Jammeh thinks that anything good belongs to him. Jammeh would rather see his modern day slave Ministers and Gambians to starve to death than feeding them. He wants Gambians to feed him and his family instead. Pathetic, right?

ABDOU COLLEY (2)Interestingly, Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Abdou Colley is the farm manager at Jalangba. Colley supervises the farmland Cabinet has dedicated for the hungry and shameless Kanilai despot.

If Minister Colley is feeding Jammeh from his own sweat, through forced labor, what would stop Jammeh from compelling him to squander donor’s funds meant for national development? Colley has been Jammeh’s main conduit for financial racketeering. This will come to light after the regime ceases to exist.

Agriculture Minister Ismaila Sanyang, who is also another member of the Jolla hegemony, reaffirmed his commitment and that of Cabinet to further feed the Jammehs. He even told the gathering at the State House that his Ministry has supplied a tractor and seeds to the community of Jalangba to help Cabinet fulfil its set dream to make sure that the Jammehs are well fed. Feeding the Jammehs is their number one priority and not the country.

Mr. Sanyang’s statement was confirmed by the Jalangba Alkalo, Morro Jatta. Jatta told the gathering that the community of Jalangba have been working on the Ministers farm allocated for Jammeh on free labor basis. That communities work on the farm without been paid.

Gambia, keep in mind that both Finance Minister Abdou Colley, and Ismaila Sanyang are formidable members of the Jolla hegemony. Jammeh uses the Ministry of Finance and Agriculture in pursuance of his financial crimes and personal aggrandizement.

YAYA JAMMEH NEWIn his speech, Jammeh said he is optimistic that come next year, the Ministers will come forward with a bumper harvest compared to this year’s harvest. He gladly accepted the eighty four bags of maize derived from the Jalangba farm from his Ministers.

Jammeh even remarked that by virtue of this year’s harvest, he is convinced that his failed vision 2016 food security dream would be attainable. He called on his slave Ministers to redouble their efforts. He also encouraged communities to open food banks across the country with the view of ending hunger in the country.

For one to say that Yahya Jammeh is greedy is an understatement. Jammeh is more than the WORD greedy. He is worse than a scavenger. He is rendering everyone in this country hungry because of his sheer greed.

While Gambians are going to bed hungry, the parasite Kaniali despot is sucking the blood of every fabric of society in this country. Jammeh spares no one in his quest for personal development. Almost everyone is bearing the brunt of this parasite and hungry beast.

zainab_jammeh-dAnother interesting fundraising drive occurred last night in Banjul. The First Lady Zeinab Souma Jammeh said the “Operation Save The Baby” was the brain child project of her mad dog husband. She said she was encouraged by Jammeh to come up with such an initiative. She is being aided by Fatou Mass Jobe, another strong enabler of the Jammehs.

Local investors, businessmen, doctors, and other high profile dignitaries converged to receive an award from the First Lady in exchange for financial donations. Invitation letters were distributed in town requiring folks to attend the fundraising drive. This shit is getting real Gambia. The Jammehs are now using hungry and malnourished Gambian kids to make money. There is more to this fundraising drive.

As articulated earlier in this report, the Jammehs are obsessed with making money and assets at the detriment of the country. If truly they are committed to the welfare of Gambian babies, why can’t they allow folks to voluntarily make donations than trying to induce them in the form of awards?

It is public knowledge that the awards were not merely presented just for the sake of it. The recipients had to chip in financially to reciprocate the so called gesture coming from the Jammehs. The Jammehs have stepped up their begging game!

Familiar faces such as: Muhammed Bazzi, Dr. Jagne, Jaliba Kuyateh, Mr. Blain, Musa Musa, just to name a few were in attendance at the award ceremony. Papa Njie, of the Unique Solution could not make it. He was deputized by his boy Lamin Manga. Musa Musa, deputized businessman Tarik Musa, who was onetime deported from the country.

The “Operation Save The Baby” Project has been there well before Zeinab married to Jammeh. It was started by the former First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh. The likes of Tombong Saidy, Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay and co have been instrumental in championing the project.

The whole idea was to provide some form of support for the Francis Small Teaching Hospital and mothers, who deliver on New Year’s Day. The Jammehs have now transformed the project as a Foundation. Nothing wrong with that if it is meant for the public good. But what we have seen so far is the least satisfactory. The foundation has no statement of account; no annual audit to account for the monies donated by philanthropists; or proper Board of Directors.

In conclusion, Jammeh’s legacy will shock generations to come. That a “President of a nation” like The Gambia, would rely on his Ministers, Security Forces, and Civil Society to spoon feed him and his family, when he is wealthier than the people he exploits. Too much greed is sinful. It is ungodly. History is going to judge Jammeh harshly. We rest our case!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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