Gambia: Villagers Of Sarreh Anis, Niamina West, Thwarted A Rebel Plot To Ambush Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Convoy At The Pakaliba Bridge; The Attackers Have Retreated To Neighboring Senegal!


Rebel insurgency activities have been reported in Sarreh Anis Kunda, in Niamina West, Central River Region (CRR) of The Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Two pickup trucks manned by heavily armed men in military uniforms were spotted in the outskirt of the village by some villagers. Their presence in the area caused panic among the villagers. But the villagers were told to go about their normal business by the armed men and that there was no cause for panic. This coincides with dictator Yahya Jammeh’s dialogue with the people tour in Basse.

Sarreh Anis Kunda, is a village situated near Nana, in the Central River Region. The popular cameraman Ali Satou Ceesay came from the said village. Mr. Ceesay once contested as a District Chief for the area.

According to competent NIA sources, the rebels had initially set up an ambush for dictator Yahya Jammeh around the Pakaliba bridge, but due to some intelligence and operational failure, the plot was thwarted. The villagers tipped off the police about the presence of the armed men in the area, which led to the sudden cancellation of the operation.

A contingent of armed personnel of The Gambia Armed Forces were dispatched to Sarreh Anis and Pakaliba to repel the rebels, our source said. The rebels took to their heels before the arrival of GAF’s assault team, he added. They fled to neighboring Senegal, where they are believed to be hiding.

“Armed GFA soldiers spent the whole night opening fire in the air in the bushes of Sarreh Anis and Pakaliba once they learned about the presence of the rebels in the area. There is a dissident group determined to unseat Jammeh. The Sarreh Anis operation was real. These people were armed to teeth. Their cover was blown by the villagers. Some shepherds saw them in the bush and alerted the authorities. Jammeh had to spend a day or so in Basse, before returning to the Kombos,” Our source intimated.

“There are insurgency activities taking place in this country. There will be another attack very soon. These people are well armed. Their plan was to ambush Jammeh at the Pakaliba Bridge. The villagers of Sarreh Anis thwarted the plot. The NIA has been investigating the failed ambush for some time now,” he added.

Meanwhile, sources have intimated that some armed men were spotted around the West-field junction on Friday night. The armed men were stationed at strategic locations within the West-field junction.

“Something is about to happen in this country. The rebels are blending in with the public. People should not be surprised when they wake up one morning and hear gunfire. This country is far from being safe,” said our source.

Written By A Staff Writer

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