Gambia: Gambian Police Detained Senegalese Fugitive, Who Recently Escaped From Prison Custody!


Police in The Gambia have detained a notorious Senegalese jailbird Modou Faal, AKA “Boy Djinee”, who recently escaped from lawful custody in the hands of Senegalese law enforcement officers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Fall, was held in the Senegalese town of Diourbel, but he later escaped. Fall was arrested at a motel in Serre-Kunda, and due to appear in court for his possible extradition to his native country, Senegal.

According to police sources, Mr. Fall, was pursued in The Gambian by the plain clothe personnel of the Senegalese Gendarme, who stayed at the same motel, where he was lodged. Upon gathering the necessary intelligence about his presence at the motel, the Senegalese Gendarme alerted their Gambian law enforcement counterparts to effect his arrest. Mr. Fall was under the company of one of his friends at the time of his arrest on Sunday. His friend too was arrested. Mr. Fall is expected to be extradited to Senegal in the next few days, police said.

Reports have it that fugitive Modou Fall was aided to escape from custody by two Senegalese prison guards. Boy Djinne, has escaped from prison on four different occasions. His past escapes were attributed to spiritual works. Many in Senegal especially prison wardens believed that Boy Djinne can transform himself as a lizard.

Meanwhile, police are searching for the driver, who aided him to escape. One of the prison guards have been detained by the Senegalese authorities.

Written By A Staff Reporter, Banjul

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