Gambia: Breaking News: Dictator Jammeh Fires Three Ministers Amid Budgetary Problems To Run His Gov’t; Jammeh Leaves Banjul Tonight To Attend AU Summit In Ethiopia!


As massive cash shortage continues to grip his dying regime, dictator Yahya Jammeh, today fired three Ministers from his government, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Among the fired Ministers include: The newly hired Presidential Affairs Minister Yam Bamba Njie Keita, Fisheries Minister Lamin Nyabally and Energy Minister Dr. Edward Saja Sanneh respectively.

Dr. SanyangOn the same vein, dictator Yahya Jammeh has announced the appointment of the fired Presidential Affairs Minister Ms. Yam Njie Keita as Deputy Secretary General. The Ministry of Energy has been annexed to the Ministry of Petroleum. The move is aimed at cutting down expenditure, as the regime lacks budget to run a big government establishment.

Competent and reliable sources close to the State House have intimated that dictator Jammeh himself is dead broke. Banjul is going to be very interesting in coming days, weeks, and months, our source said. Our source added that many Civil Servants would be laid off from work because there is no money coming in to maintain the government.

SG-NYABALLY 2In another development, the Ministry of Fisheries has been annexed to the office of the President (OP), while the Ministry of Fisheries is being integrated into the Ministry of Environment water resources parks and wildlife, the press release stated. Under the new changes, according the press release, the Ministry should now be referred to as Ministry of Environment water resources, parks, and wildlife, fisheries, and climate change.

Economic and political analysts opined that the dictator might end up shutting down the government while citing acute budgetary problems confronting the regime. The analysts also said many government Ministries are running out of budget and that salaries for Civil Servants might not be paid in coming months.

“This is a dying government. Jammeh thinks that he can run his government without the help of the west. Now he has realized that it was the west fueling the wheel of his regime. No aid money; means no government in The Gambia. The micromanagement of government Ministries is not going to save us from the current economic predicament we are faced with as a nation. Jammeh should quit and allow someone favorable to the west to run this country. Failure of which, this country risked sliding into a total economic and political chaos,” said one of the analysts.

“Just take a look at the stupid decision he has taken. He moved the Presidential Affairs Minister to the office of the Secretary General. Ms. Keita has been relegated to the position of Deputy SG. She might end up being fired. This man is confused and stupid at the same time,” he added.

Meanwhile, dictator Jammeh will leave Banjul by midnight to attend the AU Summit in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. He is expected to be accompanied by a heavy delegation, sources said.

Written By Our Correspondent In Banjul

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