Gambia: Weekend Bombshell: Jammeh’s Trusted Aides Abscond; Politician Mama Kandeh Is On The Jungullars Watch List; No Salaries For Gamtel And NAWEC Workers; Uprising To Hit Gambia Soon!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, high profile loyalists of dictator Jammeh have absconded to Senegal. And MANY more top APRC loyalists are about to abscond. According to the DCC state house agent, both the former top chef Sheigh Sanyang and steward Modou Jatta are currently wanted in Gambia DEAD or ALIVE. The black, black boys also known as junglers are actively looking for Sheigh and Modou. If you recall DCC reported on this medium that both men were arrested, released, re-arrested and released again. After being detained and questioned on multiple times at the rogue NIA, both men decided to flee the country and that is the best decision they ever made. Both men are accused of poisoning monster Jammeh and there is no evidence to back the vague allegation.

zainab_jammeh-dDictator Jammeh has been making plans how to kill both men because if he takes them to court he will not be able to prove his case. The junglers visited both men’s compounds and are also going to FONI to look for them but they are too late. They have absconded and DCC is warning both men to run, run and stay low. Let them not come back to the Gambia, they will be KILLED. Dictator has instructed the junglers to visit both men’s villages. Both men know a lot about dictator Jammeh, they have been abused for all these years, underpaid and kidnapped from their families. Sometimes they don’t go home to their families for more than two months. Dictator Jammeh will always make sure that they are present to cook and serve all the women who secretly visit him at night. So both men’s lives are in danger and they should take this very seriously. Both men were mentally and physically tortured at the rogue NIA. Any one close to dictator Jammeh is taking a calculated risk, it is just a matter of time before you will be arrested, dismissed, killed, re-appointed, kicked, insulted and humiliated.

A similar scenario has happened to a long list of dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab staff and aides, numerous of them have been arrested, tortured and dismissed. Below is just a short list of aides who used to be very close to dictator Jammeh and he betrayed all of them ONE by ONE.

Tombong Bojang former chief orderly was arrested, detained, dismissed and only to be reinstated again

Bajereh Manneh jailed at NIA currently exiled

Ali Jammeh arrested, tortured and dismissed

Ebou Jarju former steward arrested, jailed at MILE-2, currently exiled

Lt. Yusupha Sanneh former chief orderly arrested, severely tortured currently exiled

Tijan Bojang former steward , abused, tortured currently exiled

Captain Alieu Sanyang former chief orderly arrested, tortured and dismissed

Yankuba  Sanyang was transferred and reappointed again

Umpa Mendy transferred, arrested, tortured, exiled and reappointed again

Kaddy Sanneh cook dismissed

Yama Jammeh cook dismissed

Cpt Birreh Jammeh transferred to Farafenni

Sarjo Badjie former orderly transferred to Yundum

Solo Bojang former top aid and head of junglers tortured, arrested and at MILE-2

Ndey Jammeh – former aide and pimp dismissed

Lt Sisaho Tamba orderly to devil Zeinab arrested, jailed at NIA for months only to be dismissed

Ensa Kujabi former chef dismissed

Modou Lamin Sanneh former orderly dismissed

The list goes on and on from Kartong to end of Gambia Fatoto, this is dictator Jammeh at his best, what you see outside and what is happening inside statehouse is a different story. Don’t be fooled by his fakeness and state house propaganda machine painting that everything is beautiful inside. It’s all false, it’s the most dangerous and stressful place to work and a person can be kidnapped for months. Before Gambians start accusing the Middle East of slavery, start with dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab, people working at the state house are literally slaves.

YanksFellow Gambians, DCC can confirm what this paper has reported about shortage on salaries. According to reliable top DCC agent at the ministry of finance, it’s finished. DCC can report that both NAWEC and GAMTEL are not able to pay January salaries. Many people were surprised and shock that they could not receive their salaries on Thursday and Friday. People are for now unable to pay their rent and feed their families. Everybody has become a street beggar. Even the DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie is relying on Lebanese and Mauritanian shopkeepers to give him money. A majority of top government workers are dependent on these business people to provide them with money to feed their families. There is no money, every policeman wants to be a traffic officer so that they can beg the public, and every civil servant wants to be in a location where there is money transaction. No money, DCC has been reporting this for a long time. Gambians will be surprised when one day they wake up and there is no food to eat. This is why dictator Jammeh panicked and started merging and firing ministers. Can you image monster Jammeh is dismissing ministers who are on state business trip. For example, some of the ministers who were just dismissed received a verbal message from their family members that they have been fired whilst they were part of the advance team that traveled to Ethiopia. These ministers were fired whilst on a government advance trip and mission. Dictator Jammeh is so confused he do not know where his ministers are.

Fellow Gambians, an assault and a mighty battle lies ahead at state house, DCC is predicting that the mini factions monster Jammeh has created at state house are going to fight in a bloody battle. Monster Jammeh has succeeded at mixing the top heads at state house and they are monitoring each other whilst dictator Jammeh is laughing at them. But the moment of truth is here, there is no money and some of the top officers are struggling on feeding their respective families. “A hungry man in an angry man”.

Fellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh has issued a directive that all local car chef des garage to be immediately dismissed and the transport union be dismantled. Call your family members and ask them to find out, all of the garages don’t have chef des garage. Monster Jammeh is crazy and now meddling into everything. DCC can reliably inform you that the drivers association, transport union and other groups we will not mention have been complaining about the fuel prices. They complained that worldwide the price of fuel is reducing but not in the Gambia. Even neighboring Senegal has significantly reduced fuel price but not Gambia. The taxi drivers are not making any money and everyone was complaining and discussed about a “DEMONSTRATION”.

Upon learning about this potential demonstration, monster Jammeh dismantled these organizations and dismissed all the chief drivers of the garages. These people now don’t have any means of making any money.  Dictator Jammeh even appoints and dismisses chef des garage. But “ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK”. But being a coward and learning that these people are complaining he all of a sudden announced that he will effect price reduction next week.  Gambians by this time we should all know that dictator Jammeh always succumbs to pressure. But Gambians should know that the reductions are caused by the chef des garage planning a demonstration, dictator Jammeh is not doing it just because he want to, he has no choice.  When the Gambian women complained about the veil he caved under pressure. So Gambians monster Jammeh always pretends that he is a semi God but behind the scenes he coils his tail to pressure. We need to keep on pressing and it’s over.

Mama KandehThere is also reliable information reaching DCC that Gambians will soon be in the street. DCC is calling on our brothers and sisters especially in the Army to be loyal to the country and not dictator Jammeh. Dictator’s Jammeh’s time is finish and we are not joking, DCC is monitoring and documenting whoever is helping and abetting monster Jammeh. In the meantime monster Jammeh is so afraid that he has imposed that security agents be assigned to all public events such as soccer, dictator Jammeh is afraid of demonstration. Everything around monster Jammeh is falling. A majority of JOLAS have disowned monster Jammeh. Even key APRC militants are not willing to raise funds for monster Jammeh, dictator Jammeh has issued directive to all his governors and chiefs that for the 2016 they are responsible for raising election funds in their respective regions. There is no money, this is very serious fellow Gambians. Lot of NIA personnel have enrolled at University of the Gambia to spy on the students. But they will be surprised, DCC knows them and we are monitoring each of them.

Fellow Gambians, if anyone has access to the former APRC MP of JIMARA MAMA KANDEH please relay this message to him. MAMA Kandeh who is from CRR and a potential presidential candidate DCC is warning you, watch your back, this is not a trick, dictator Jammeh is working on many things to disqualify you from the 2016 election, they are changing the constitution and also junglers are working on a strategy, have body guards around you all the time. Dictator Jammeh has mentioned your name many times and his spiritual doctors have warned him about you and he obeys these spiritual doctors and JALANGS.

Fellow Gambians on a last note, devil Zeinab is now the minister of fund raising, she is regularly trying to raise funds for her extravagant lifestyles in the name of our children’s foundation.  She is pretending to be a humanitarian, humanitarians usually promote human welfare and devil Zeinab do not possess any of those attributes in her DNA. Gambians the end of dictatorship is here, the cartel has broken into pieces. On a last try monster Jammeh is going to execute a directive for both GRTS and daily observer newspaper to try and rebuild his image, NOBODY CAN REBUILD monster Jammeh’s  reputation, he is a notorious criminal for life.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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