Gambia: “If You Want To Test A Man’s Character, Give Him Power” Abraham Lincoln. Jammeh The Best Living Paradigm!


The Gambian people endured horrific, barbaric experiences for two whole decades under an indecent human who projects himself as a God sent messiah, needless to say he is nothing but an ignorant, arrogant, bi-polar low esteem idol worshiper who capitalized on the power of the barrel to force his will on helpless peace loving people. The Gambia has since been fundamentally transformed in all circles; social, economic, politically. Individual freedom and independence has been striped where every word uttered is censored and can have consequences. Where peoples’ loyalty and support are bought with money, power, cheap popularity and most often through coercive means of torture, arrest and fear of massacre.

Against this backdrop coupled with massive economic hardship, one could say Jammeh finally did something good for Gambia; an easy decision making for the Gambian people to vote him out of office especially with several peaceful political changes in the sub-region. We Gambian should ask ourselves, are we better off today than 21 years ago and is this the model society/economic we want to leave for our kids and generations to come. 21 years ago opposition members of our community can freely rally to communicate their policies and compete fairly for the highest office of the land without fear of intimidation or arrest. Spouses and family members can sympathize opposing political views and parties, government employees, community leaders can openly express their views and there was a time when families and communities have strong bonds which are now all broken or extremely fragile because of the hypocritical double standard of the deranged despot. Yaya has abused our women, insult our parents, killed our brother, sisters, fathers, uncles, a number that no single Gambia can keep count of. He has stolen billions if not trillion from this impoverish nation, grabbed all our lands and resources for his personal enrichment.

I say all these to support my claim that decision making for Gambians in the upcoming election should be a no brainer and an easy one, VOTE THE DESPOT OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE HE THROW EVERYONE IN JAIL OR SHIP US OUT OF OUR BELOVED GAMBIA. When Gambians are paying unbearable prices for basic essentials, Jammeh, his family and his inner circle are lavishly spending the nation coffers. The state house is packed with the highest end custom made vehicles which even the world richest people and presidents do not have as part of their fleet. He is insane about grabbing land, real estate properties which I belief he have out listed himself. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are death, since the greedy leader wants all to himself, from sand mining, transportation, bakery, livestock, import & export, basically every business transaction is solely or partly owned by him, which has left our people with nothing to do because you cannot be in competition with him and this has created a vacuum which is filled with the back way syndrome and the highest level of dependency. If not for the remittance from diaspora Gambians, our country would have been in shambles, even though the shameless, selfish, insatiable jammeh failed to acknowledge and respect our contributions both to our families, communities and the national economy as a whole.

It is time for every Gambian to reflect and think about the future of our kids and grand kids and demand change to transform the Gambia into something we can all be proud of not a country that epitomizes economic and human right repressions. Jammeh’s actions and uttered words are so disgraceful to Gambia, a country blessed with talent and wisdom to be ruled by an ignorant fool with no sense of focus and direction but rule by trial and error since he think he is indispensable and above the advice of a professional human on policies and issues. Our worldly leaders can be and should be replaced if they no longer serve our interest. Yaya has not served the interest of Gambians and continues to forcefully cling to power and fueling volatility. I will conclude with some reminders about how Jammeh have wrecked our country, drastically heightens the poverty ratio, stagnated remunerations with high cost of living and hopefully that will stimulate some reflections and to see how far worst we have skewed as a nation.

The value of the Gambian Dalasi has dwindled so hideously and negatively impact purchasing power, a currency that was one time amongst the strongest in the sub region and in the blocks of developing countries. In 1995, US$1 exchanges for D9.546 and after 20 years of Jammeh US$1 exchanges for D39-D42 depending on who you talk to. Let us ask ourselves how much we were paying for these items and services before Jammeh and how much we are paying for them today; bag of rice, cup of sugar, kilo of meat, loaf of bread, bonga fish, litre of gasoline, transportation fares, hospital visit, electricity, water, etc etc. Every aspect of living has become unbearably expensive with an economy that is only serving the interest of the Jammeh hegemony. Unemployment is up to the roof which is indiscriminately sending our people to their demise via the treacherous back way while Jammeh copiously throw sex parties around the clock in Kanilai, gift out millions of dollars to foreign artists and personalities, sponsor his gold-digger wife’s weekly shopping spree in the west and endless acquisition of real estate around the globe all at the detriment of meager Gambia.

Let us joint hands to effect change and get our country back before it’s too late, the dictator tasted power and he is now consumed by it to a point he is blind and totally corrupted and as Lincoln stated about power and a man’s character, every Gambian now know all of Jammeh’s character.

Concerned Gambian

Atlanta, GA

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