Gambia: Good News For Gambian Rice Consumers; As Prices Slightly Went Down!


Good news for Gambian consumers. The retail price for rice, the country’s main staple food has dropped for the past couple of days. Local businesses in the Greater Banjul area told our reporter that the recent reduction of rice prices has to do with the global market in regards to the price value of rice. For example, the American rice bag of 50 kilogram which used to cost D1,150, has been reduced to D1,050. This is a welcomed development for rice consumers, one businessman tells this paper.

Meanwhile, the red and pink 50 kilogram of rice which used to cost D1000, now costs D950, said businessman Momodou Jallow. The twenty five percent of the fifty kilo rice which used to cost D1,350 now sells at D1,300.

The popular Saddam rice now sells at D1,350 instead of the original price of D1,400 dalasi.

Despite the price reductions in the market, the purchasing power for the average Gambian consumer is pretty low. This is attributed to poor wages. The average worker earns less than $30 United States dollar in The Gambia. In addition to that, the government of Yahya Jammeh has cut the salaries of workers into half with effect from this month.

Written By Our Reporter In Banjul

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