Gambia: The Jammehs Are Begging For Money Again, As The APRC Organizes A Gala-Dinner On Saturday At The SeneGambia Beach Hotel!


As reported about a week ago, by the Freedom Newspaper, the Jammeh government is indeed running out of cash. Fundraising has now become a national theme for the regime. The ruling APRC is running 24/7 advertisement on GRTS, calling on the business community and wealthy Gambians to help donate them some money. The fundraising has been dubbed as a “peace initiative” fundraising drive. It is slated for this coming Saturday. The broke ass Kanilai monster has been billed as the “Chief Guest of  Honor or Patron” of the occasion. Jammeh has overtime become a beggar. He organizes fundraising drive to meet  the monetary needs of his gold digger wife.

foreign-currency-stock-620x400According to the APRC AD aired on GRTS, folks interested in chipping in financially should call the following phone numbers: 3319744, 2222203, 4496968, 9961911. This paper tried calling the aforementioned phone numbers, but no one was available to speak to us.

Our today’s publication, would no doubt serve as a notice to Jammeh and his dying regime, that we are closely monitoring and analyzing their activities. The APRC AD aired by the GRTS has revealed a lot. The regime is indeed struggling economically.

An economically viable political party, with grassroots structures would not resort to begging to conduct its business. It is happening in The Gambia though. Jammeh’s APRC party has went broke. The party’s idiotic and buffoonery leader Yahya Jammeh has also went broke.

YAYA AND OBAMAJammeh cannot tell us that his party lacks money to meet its expenses. Here is a guy, who claimed that he was honored by the African Union (AU) for donating money to Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leone to combat Ebola. His so called economic gesture to Guinea and Sierra Leone was widely publicized by the Daily Observer in their Tuesday Edition.  Now how comes that Jammeh, the so called philanthropist, couldn’t bailout his own party? Something is not adding up Gambia! Jammeh is shamelessly using the APRC as a “front” to beg for money from impoverished Gambians.

The business sector will no doubt foot the dinner tables at the SeneGambia Beach Hotel this coming weekend. The likes of Muhammed Jah, Edrissa Jobe, Pa Macoumba Njie, Trust Bank MD, Mr. Blain, Tarik Musa, Musa Musa, the list goes on and on will chip in to help bailout the Jammehs.

We hope Jammeh will use the proceeds of the fundraising drive to pay up workers’ salaries. It has been reported that some workers have still not been paid their January salaries.

Oh… We forgot… His gold digger wife wouldn’t allow his sorry ass to do that. Zeinab’s economic needs supersede the plight of the unpaid Gambian worker. Gambians are on a long ride with the Jammehs if they are not stopped in this 2016.

The “SO CALLED DAMN STRUGGLE” as Abdul Savage would call it should not take offense of Jammeh and his enablers branding them as “GO FUNDME” economic adventurists. Laugh out loud. LOL!!! Jammeh’s government ushered in begging. Almost everyone in The Gambia is a beggar today. If Jammeh can organize a biweekly or monthly civilized begging fundraising drive, how about the “DAMN SO CALLED STRUGGLE.” Boy, the chickens are now coming home to roost. Begging is now part and parcel of Gambia’s national life. The status quo is the number ONE beggar in town.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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