Gambia: Gambian Dictator Is On His Dying Sickbed!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s health condition has deteriorated in recent weeks, amid growing speculations that he might not be able to avail himself for the upcoming December, 2nd 2016, Presidential elections, highly placed sources close to the State House have told the Freedom Newspaper.  Mr. Jammeh’s most trusted aides said the dictator has been under constant medication and monitoring by his medical surgeon. Jammeh was advised to seek medical treatment by his doctor, to avoid further complications of his ailing health, but sources said the defiant dictator refused to heed to his doctor’s advice.

“Yahya Jammeh is apparently refusing to seek treatment overseas. He said he doesn’t trust western doctors. He is waiting for the day, when he will answer to God’s calling. He seriously ill. Some of us close to him can tell that he is sick. He has been placed under medication. We don’t think if Jammeh can make it before the elections. His health is not the least good,” said our source.

Mr. Jammeh has been in power for over twenty one years. He came to power through a coup in July of 1994. Despite his ailing health, Jammeh is determined to pursue a fifth term mandate. But his aides have intimated that the dictator’s poor health wouldn’t allow him to be able to effectively steer the affairs of the state.

Gambians are going to the polls on December, 2nd 2016, just a month before the United States of America had elected a new President in November of this year. Human groups have criticized the regime of Yahya Jammeh for its total disregards for human rights, rule and free press.

Meanwhile, the sick Gambian dictator spent the weekend at his native village Kanilai. He is expected to return to the seat of power Banjul on Sunday. A top security chief close to Jammeh’s security detail said the dictator was busy making love with young girls while in Kanilai over the weekend.

“This man is very hopeless. He even though he is sick, he is still wants to sleep with his staff. He spares no one here. This man is a sexual pervert,” said our source.

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