Gambia: Ambassador Omar Gibba Weds A New Wife, Amid Allegations Of American Visa Abuse And Wife Battering!


A high profile and flamboyant wedding ceremony was held at the Friendship Hostel this past Sunday, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The Gambian Ambassador to Venezuela Omar Gibba, has wedded twenty four year old Kumba Touray, a native of Bwiam. The wedding ceremony was characterized by a lot of ambiance and fanfare. One of Ms. Touray’s sisters is a former member of NAPSA, a source in Bundung told this paper.  Ms. Touray’s Uncle lives in Bundung. The knots were tied in Bundung before the big party was hosted at the Friendship Hostel, sources said. 

BWIAM 8Mr. Gibba, who was born in 1964, according to sources in Venezuela, divorced his former wife, one Kaddy Gallo Badjie after an alleged abusive marital relationship. Gibba had two kids with Ms. Badjie, sources said. Mr. Gibba was embroiled into a heated child custody battle with his former wife. He ended up having custody of the two kids, though his connections in The Gambia, according to a trusted source in Venezuela. 

In fact, the former couple’s marital problems came to the attention of the Venezuelan police. Ms. Badjie,  filed a criminal complaint against her former husband Omar Gibba and Gibba’s step daughter, one Nyima Gibba, who is now said to be living in Texas. Nyima is the daughter of Omar Gibba’s brother. Sources in Venezuela said Ms. Badjie claimed that she was allegedly knife attack by Mr. Gibba’s daughter. She also accuses Ambassador Gibba of strangulating her, sources said.

It reached a point that Ms. Badjie could no longer cope with the situation, sources intimated. She then contacted Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry, demanding to be sent back home. She ended up returning to The Gambia. She is said to be residing in the US. She used to work at The Gambia Ports Authority. She is a College graduate, sources said.

According to sources in Venezuela, Ambassador Gibba, has been allegedly socializing with Gambian students studying in the Southern American nation. His former jealous wife, constantly accuses him of cheating and fraternization, our source alleged. Girls used to walk in and out of his home, while he was married to Ms. Badjie, our source further alleged.

BWIAM 7Diplomatic sources said during his assignment in Venezuela, Ambassador Gibba, was able to bring his kids and other relatives to the United States. In some occasions, he would lie to the US Embassy that he fathered the kids, when some of the kids were his brother’s sons and daughters.

Two of Omar Gibba’s biological sons Alieu Gibba and Sulayman Gibba came into the US before graduating from High school. He dumped them here with friends and supposed relatives. Alieu has completed his high school not long ago. He lives in Seattle. Alieu is dating an American lady, with the hope of marrying her, so that he can regularize his status in the United Sates, said our source. While his brother Sulayman Gibba, is yet to graduate from High school. He lives in Minnesota. 

It was through Ambassador Omar Gibba that Mariama Gibba and Fatou Sibo Gibba came to the United States. Mariama and Fatou are sisters. Omar Gibba’s brother fathered the two sisters. They both hailed from Bwiam.

BWIAM 5When the Gibba sisters arrived in the United States, they were hosted in New York, by a close friend and schoolmate of Ambassador Gibba. Mariam and Sibo could not get along with the wife of Omar’s friend, who happens to be a former staffer of GRTS. The two sisters ended up being evicted.

Omar Gibba secured his job in The Gambia government through his friend in New York. Gibba was a former teacher. He attained Higher Teacher Certificate (HTC) from The Gambia College. The friend in question later parted company with Yahya Jammeh. Gibba snubbed him at some point before reconciling with him. He thought that he was going to be fired if Jammeh learns that he is communicating with the former official.

Meanwhile, according to Diplomatic sources, thanks to Ambassador Gibba’s former boss Yankuba Touray, Gibba’s plans to traffic his maid, one Therese Bah, to the United States, was thwarted. Mr. Touray, the former Gambian Ambassador to Venezuela, refused to approve Gibba’s request to use the Embassy’s name to secure a visa for Ms. Bah, sources said.  Yankuba Touray stood his ground to prevent Gibba from using the Embassy’s name to secure visa for Therese Bah, our source in Venezuela added.

BWIAM 4The Gambian Mission in Venezuela has been reduced as a “ghost mission.” The students studying there are not the least pleased with the embassy. The embassy hardly comes to their aid, when they are in need of services.  Mr. Gibba is busy making love with women, our source said. He even at some point promised to marry a Venezuelan lady, under the disguise that he would help her to migrate to the US, our source alleged. Mr. Omar Gibba is a brother to the former Managing Director of The Gambia Ports Authority Momodou Lamin Gibba. Omar has used his position as a Diplomat to bring his family, and relatives into the United States.

It is not clear how the US State Department would react to Mr. Gibba’s move to resettle his teenage kids into the United States without following the proper visa protocols. Human trafficking has been on the Obama administration’s top agenda. The US government has been working tirelessly to stop the scourge of human trafficking. 

Ambassador Omar Gibba could not be reached for immediate comment.

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