Gambia: Family Feud Building Up Within The Gibbas; As GPA Insider Defends Ambassador Gibba!


Pa, yesterday, you posted about Omar Gibba saying a lot of things about him and his family. Well, all I am going to say is among all the things you said yesterday, there is only one part you have right; that’s the flamboyant wedding reception as you called it. The wedding reception was every girl’s dream wedding reception. We all know where this came from. It came from nobody other than the ex…

Pa, if I, must tell you this: don’t waste your time listening to her. Kaddy Galo Badjie is a total mess if you ask her colleagues she was working with in ports. We worked together; am under ferries and she was under the ticket selling section where she even … a lot of money. Thanks to Omar Gibba, who rescued her by taking her to Venezuela.  

BWIAM 2Pa, I, have a friend and cousin, who studied in Venezuela. What you said about the students too is not true. Students were well taken care of by the Embassy, they were stood for, fought for and the embassy made sure they never lack anything. But today, because of jealousy she is tarnishing Gibba’s image.

Pa, thanks to Mr. Gibba, that Kaddy Galo’s sister is now a graduate from Venezuela because it was Mr. Gibba, who helped her acquire the scholarship. Pa, there is a saying “People’s blessings come in different forms and only the ones to be blessed receive it” Pa Galo’s blessings are too much for her that why she couldn’t carry it so she decided to throw it away. Anybody that knows Galo, can tell you that she is into fake life and thanks to Mr. Gibba, she was able to get a US Visa to settle in US.

Pa, nothing is hidden under the sun in Mr. Gibba’s residence at Latri Kunda Sabiji; lived Mam Bumbeh Badjie, younger sister of Galo, Fatou Bajo, niece of Galo and Nancy Jassey adopted from 2008 to 2014 September, when Kaddy Galo, was sent home from Venezuela.

BWIAM 8In that month in question, she …… Gibba and when to stay on her own. This brought about a big problem in her family because her father is an Imam in Bwiam Sanchaba.  I was one of the mediators to bring back peace to that family. Pa, from 2010 to 2014, Kaddy Galo’s family lived alone in that Latri Kunda Sabiji residence paid for by Mr. Gibba at D48, 000. 00 per year and fed them monthly.

Pa, as I made mentioned earlier, when Kaddy Galo Badjie moved from her wedded home she took up …….and this didn’t go down well with her daddy, who was an Imam and a well-respected man in the whole of Foni and it eventually led to the old man suffering from serious stroke and now this great man can’t neither walk or talk. May Allah the Almighty continue to shower His endless blessings on her father now in bed.

When you talking about Omar Gibba’s academic qualifications, He is one of Gambia’s finest brains, with three master degrees obtained from Ghana and the UK respectively added to the HTC you made mentioned of. It’s true that James Mustapha Kujabi and Omar Gibba were childhood friends, until their fallout last November due to personal attacks James made on certain individuals in the Gambia, including his own senor brother Abdoulie Kujabi.

GIBBA NEW PIX I hope the students from Venezuela will come out and expose the Lies that this lady has done towards Mr. Gibba. I will not allow Mr. Gibba’s name to be thrown in the gutters like that; his elder brother was so good to me. I owe their family my loyalty.

Written By An Insider From Ports.

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author’s views. Just for the record: The lady, the author mentioned in this write up was not the source of our story. We, therefore, categorically rejected his assertions. His claims lack merit and totally devoid of the truth.

As journalists, we don’t discuss or entertain discussions about the source of our stories. Fact, there is a family feud within the Gibbas since the publication of our story. But for anyone to infer or speculate about the source(s) of our story is not only dishonest, but misleading.

We also edited certain claims contained in the piece for editorial reasons. The author is advised to exercise some degree of civility when articulating him or herself on this medium. Our advise is: You can articulate yourself without resorting to profanity or personal attacks. Thanks for your attention.

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