Gambia: Banjul Letter Writer Applauds The Freedom Radio Gambia Team!


Mr. Mbai, it’s been a while and my silence does not mean I have abandoned the Freedom Inc.  I’ve been busy with some projects, but continue to follow your ever popular and inspiring institution.  More grease on your elbows.  Forward ever backward never.  

Seedy Ceesay, M. Njie and your many panelists are model citizens and history will be kind to all of them.  Special mention to your eccentric crew on Saturday, especially Professor.  

However, Sister Oley beats our imagination in her balance and expertise when contributing on our domestic social issues. Sister Oley is exemplary.  What an intellect.  The other day my wife said to me, she’s one hundred percent certain sister Oley has never been decorated by a university. But hearing her talk on social issues, my God, I will confer her with a PhD.  Give our regards to her.

Meanwhile, once settled, I will begin writing again and being on the watch-out for breaking news.

All the best to you and yours. 

Written By An Insider

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