Gambia: The Gibbas Family Feud Escalates; As State House Insider Fires Back!


Hello Pa, I am writing in regards to the story that was sent  you two days ago, about Omar Gibba’s Ex wife Kaddy Galo Badjie. Almost all of the content of the story is wrong and we at the state house know who are behind the story, and if they dare write even a line they will regret it. First, Kaddy is not Omar’s first wife. His first wife is no more(RIP). There is nobody in Foni, who does not know how Omar maltreated that lady until she died of heart attack some nineteen years ago.  

BWIAM 8Galo never stole a dime from the GPA. Pa, you can contact the GPA for clarification otherwise she will not be hired again at the GPA after returning from Venezuela. She was never a revenue collector instead a revenue controller and supervisor for that matter. Am not trying to defend anyone, but sometimes it is good to do thorough investigation before writing anything for public consumption.  

If Omar helped any of Galo’s family, that’s not news because they were married and have kids together. When did Omar got three masters? When and where is he one of Gambia’s finest brains? When he cannot control his matrimonial home.

Pa, as am sitting in my office right now, I can still remember the day James Kujabi paid for Omar Gibba’s first university fees at the UTG and later spoke to the President to also help in paying Omar’s tuition fees, which Yahiya Jammeh did by giving James Kujabi money to pay for Omar fees. The same James took Omar from the teaching field to join the civil service. Pa, the James, I know will never launch a personal attack on anyone moreover his own brother Abdoulie Kujabi. The writer got it all wrong. Let them ask Omar what brought about his problem with James.

His niece Mariama Sibo Gibba, brought about the fracas, we in Banjul know everything that is going on. This young lady, is a sheep in wolf clothing. We know all what she is doing in NYC, sleeping with people’s husbands while her husband is in The Gambia. Was she not sleeping with Balla Garba Jahumpa in Venezuala? Let her deny it. Why was her sister Nyima Gibba  sent packing by her guardian in Minnesota? Because she used to bring men into the man’s house, who happens to be a very pious man and he kicked her out.

Omar dumped all his kids in the USA without even caring about them. Yes Mariam was living with Omar’s friend in NYC, but could not get along with the wife, I know that lady very well, she is principled, hardworking and not part of any foolishness in NYC.

She now lives in the projects in NYC, a man by the name Lamin, rented her a room, who got his apartment through section 8 at the expense of taxpayers money.

Am not defending anyone, but this is the truth. Pa, those student in Venezuela should get out of this problem otherwise, we will name names and they know what that means. I am a civil servant for thirty (30) plus years and Omar knows very well. The visa fraud he is doing is enough otherwise, I will come up with evidence. It was true that Yankuba Touray never allowed him to use the embassy name to get an American visa for the said lady in the first story.

I know and Omar knows that he will never have a friend like James Kujabi, who Gambians still miss back home.

Written By An Insider

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are  sorely that of the author’s views. The Gibba family feud is getting out of hands. The accusations and counteraccusations continue to linger unabated. We advise parties involved in the dispute to please settle their differences privately rather than washing their own dirty laundry in the open.

Ambassador Omar Gibba is a public figure. His life is not private. The only folks, who can accord him such privacy are those close to him and not the media. It is therefore dishonest for anyone infer or suggest that this medium is out to smear the Gambian diplomat.

The truth be told, our lead story on the Gibbas has shaken Banjul. The story has attracted public interest. If Omar Gibba is being truthful to himself, he cannot deny that he has not spoken to General Saul Badjie of the State House, on the very day, our story hits the news stance. Gen. Badjie’s phone call to Omar’s line in Venezuela, has been intercepted. Gamtel insiders can confirm our reportage. General Badjie cannot deny that he never phoned Ambassador Gibba. Their phone conversation centred primarily on our previous news story about the Gibbas.

Based on the information we gathered, Yahya Jammeh, was equally devastated and surprised by the Freedom story. He never knew that Gibba was using the Embassy in Venezuela, to secretly migrate his family, relatives and distance family members to the United States. Gen. Badjie has been tasked to speak to Omar. The rest will follow later.

Gen. Badjie is a native of Bwiam. Bwiam and Dobong are neighbouring villages. The NIA DG Yankuba Badjie is a close relative of Omar Gibba. Yankuba’s Dad Pa Arabo Badjie is an uncle to Omar Gibba.

Omar Gibba hailed from Dobong. He even allocated a piece of land to Yahya Jammeh to set up a garden. He is the breadwinner of his family. Omar should avoid any conduct that would put his office into disrepute.

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