Gambia: Jammeh Punishes Senegalese Commercial Drivers; As Tariff Prices Went Up; Senegalese Vehicles Stranded Along The Border!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s moneymaking venture is driving him crazy, the Freedom Newspaper can report.  Gambia’s neighbors Senegal, are also at Jammeh’s disposal for economic abuse and exploitation. Jammeh has introduced a new border crossover tariff for Senegalese motorists. The new tariff is just too exorbitant.

Senegalese motorists intending to cross over to The Gambia from Karang to Amdali, are now required to pay D27, 000 dalasi or otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to cross to The Gambia.  The new tariff is causing an unease on the border side. An unspecified number of vehicles have been rendered stranded along border on the Senegalese end. 

The dictator unilaterally increased the tariff without consulting the Senegalese government. Senegalese commercial vehicles have been hard hit by the new tariff regime imposed by dictator Jammeh.

The Freedom Newspaper had earlier reported about the difficulties the Senegalese motorists are experiencing along border. The recent tariff increment is likely to cause diplomatic tensions between The Gambia and Senegal. Yahya Jammeh has once again violated the ECOWAS protocol promoting the free movement of goods and people. Both Senegal and The Gambia are members of ECOWAS.

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