Senegalese Artist, Accused Of Counterfeiting, Has Been Released On Bail, After Eight Months Imprisonment!


Senegalese veteran artist Thione Seck, who was jailed for alleged counterfeit racketeering has been granted bail, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The popular artist, who has recorded numerous hit songs since in the late eighties, has been freed for now pending the outcome of his criminal case. His lawyer, family members, and fans received the news of Seck’s release with joy and happiness.

Thione Seck has been under state custody for close to eight months. His release on bail followed a disturbing testimony made in one of the television stations in Senegal, by a Seck’s former inmate, who explained that the singer’s health condition has deteriorated in prison. The inmate even appealed to the Senegalese authorities to intervene Seck’s case and grant him bail.

Reacting to Thione’s release, his attorney Ousman Saye said his defence team would do everything in their means to fight the charges brought against their client Seck. Mr. Saye said some of the charges filed against Seck are not only absurd, but totally unfounded.

Quoting his client, Saye said when the state prosecutor confronted Thione with the counterfeiting charges, Seck told the prosecutors that no one can send him to jail without God’s decision. Seck, he said, also told the prosecutor that it was only God, who could set him free. That Seck’s fate is in the hands of God and not in the hands of any human being.

“That alone goes to show that Thione Seck is a man of faith. He believes in God. Only a Godly person can hold such beliefs. Thione is a strong believer of God,” Lawyer Saye said.

Mr. Saye, also thanked the media for giving the necessary coverage to his client’s case. He said without the media, Senegalese and world wouldn’t have known about his client situation in jail. Mr. Saye also stated that his defence team has been very instrumental for securing his client’s release.  

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