Gambia: Classified State Secrets Revealed; Jammeh Disowned By His Trusted Aides!


Gambia’s election Chairman Mustapha Carrayol, and his Deputy received two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) from dictator Yahya Jammeh as a gift, weeks before the last Presidential elections was held, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Competent and dependable State House sources, who witnessed the underhand monetary transactions reported that the money in question was hand delivered by Jammeh’s aides to the IEC officials. Neither Mustapha Carroyol nor his Deputy have rejected the money. They both accepted the money, and ensured that Jammeh emerged as the winner of that bogus landslide election victory, which Carroyal declared on state television in favor of the ruling APRC Chief electoral fraudster Yahya Jammeh.  

IEC ChairmanAccording to our sources handling Jammeh’s errands within his bedroom, and office, the dictator has been in the business of bribing IEC officials to win elections. Both Carryol and his Deputy were called to report to the State House to collect the $200,000 dollars personal gift Jammeh extended to them.

“Jammeh’s aides then came downstairs to meet Chairman Carroyal and his Deputy. The IEC officials were told that the money was from Jammeh. They accepted the money without raising a word,” said our source at the State House.

Mustapha Carroyol, his Deputy and Yahya Jammeh will no doubt be surprised that such a confidential state secret has reached our offices. Well this is just a tip of the iceberg. There will be more revelations in days to come. General Saul Badjie and co are now talking. We will expose the state secrets as they come!

Jammeh Sends A Joint Service Contingent To Be Trained As Commandos In Mauritania!

saul-badjie-e1441514359592A contingent of soldiers have returned from Mauritania. The contingent is consists of different security agencies within the country. They were sent to Mauritania to be trained as Commandos. Jammeh has since replaced the State Guard. The new contingent is now in charge of the Presidential security both in Banjul and Kanilai.

Many are wondering as to what might have triggered Jammeh’s recent travels around the continent and beyond. That he has been reduced as a “domestic prisoner” since the aftermath of the December 30th failed mutiny. Well, the answer is simple. Jammeh has assembled different units within the Armed Forces and replace them with the former state guards. The men he picks to guard him, came from the police, Immigration, Army, and the NIA. These were the men sent to Mauritania for commando training.

There is an ongoing restructuring of the security forces. The goal is to make officers not to trust each other. Jammeh wants to discourage coups and counter coups in the country.

General Badjie’s powers are very limited now. The new guards stationed at the State House are very powerful. They are widely feared.

With the news changes, Jammeh can travel freely without having the fear of being overthrown. The new guards are called the elites branch of the Presidential guards. It would be very hard for the soldiers to organize a coup now. Guards working at the same location hardly know each other. Distrust often builds up amongst the soldiers assigned to protect Jammeh.

NIA Beefs Up Patrols!

soldierAt the NIA, a new unit consist of over twenty female agents have been constituted. The unit is predominantly manned by female assets. The Officer Commander overseeing the unit is an old guard of the agency. He is a man.  

Our sources at the NIA have reported that the new unit would be preoccupied with monitoring national security issues including the opposition. This particular unit works on weekends. They have a lot of work on their plate, our source said.

The opposition is hereby forewarned! Jammeh is hatching a dangerous plot against you. Do not trust any stranger, who parades him, or herself as a sympathizer or supporter. We are living in a dangerous time. Jammeh has allocated millions of dalasis to the security forces to beef up the monitoring of political activities and groups; within and outside the country.

In recent weeks, the NIA has been conducting patrols within the country. The goal is to intercept and report any suspicious breach of security. The population is being advised to be vigilant. Jammeh is aware that 2016, is not going to be that easy for him. One of his grand marabouts has even prophesied his fall is imminent. We will get to that later, as we proceed with this write up.

Jammeh’s Secret Killings Of Gambians Exposed!

Ello_Jallow-342x219It was one busy day at the State House, when the current State Guard Commander Colonel Ansuman Tamba phoned Jammeh’s aides to inform them that one of his men has passed away. Tamba reported that the State House has a burial, as Sergeant Ello Jallow died. Tamba’s message was brief. He wanted the aides to pass the message to Jammeh that Ello has died. He was not complicit to Ello’s death though. As Ello’s boss, he was duty bound to relay the message of Ello’s death to Jammeh. 

Few minutes after Colonel Tamba called, General Saul Badjie also phoned to tell Jammeh’s aides to inform Jammeh that “MISSION HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED” in the case Ello Jallow. The message was relayed to Jammeh accordingly.

Before he left for Kanilai, one fine weekend, while sitting comfortably onboard his luxurious multimillion dollar truck, Jammeh called General Saul Badjie in the presence of our sources and told him that he wanted him to execute the mission before he returns back to Banjul. The mission in question has to do with the liquidation of the former Majority Leader Baba Kajali Jobe. Jobe was at the time admitted at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

baba-jobe-sA phone call came in and it was General Saul Badjie. General Badjie told Jammeh’s aides to inform Jammeh that the mission has been accomplished. That Baba Kajali Jobe has been strangulated to death on his hospital bed. The news of Baba Jobe’s demise later hits the GRTS airwaves. An obituary was announced on GRTS that Baba Jobe died while he was admitted at the hospital. 

Jammeh was not that very comfortable with releasing Baba Jobe from prison custody, even though Jobe has finished serving his time in jail.  Jammeh fears that Baba Jobe was likely to implicate him in the elicit Liberian blood diamond and gun running trade, in which he (Jammeh) benefited financially. He rakes millions of dollars from the elicit trade. Charles Taylor was the President of Liberia during the period in question. 

Army Sergeant Mustapha Colley of the State House was murdered by Jammeh. Mustapha’s murder was triggered by a second wife he married. The girl he married was dating Jammeh. Jammeh was even sponsoring the girl to attend school. When Jammeh received news that Mustapha has married his girlfriend, he ordered his elite assassin team to kill Colley.

Contrary to earlier reports that Mustapha’s murder had to do with an alleged suspicion that he was passing information to the Freedom Newspaper, Jammeh aides intimated that Colley’s murder had to do with the fact that he married Jammeh’s girlfriend. The dictator couldn’t allow that to happen. 

Colley was dismissed from the army and months later he was murdered. He was strangulated to death by Sana Manjang and co. His remains were left in a taxi cab that he was driving at the time.

jt_kujabi_-sEbrima JT Kujabi, the former Gambian Diplomat, cum Journalist, also suffered a similar fate from Jammeh. Jammeh invited JT’s wife to the State House and started talking shit against the woman’s husband. He told the lady that her husband allegedly ate the money that he (Jammeh) gave him to hand over to her for her studies. Jammeh’s aides told this paper that Jammeh has been secretly dating JT’s wife. The lady visits Jammeh at the State House and Kanilai at odd hours, our sources said. He and Jammeh make love, our source added.

Concerned about his personal safety, JT Kujabi left the country. He has since migrated into the United States.

In the case of the former NIA DG Numo Kujabi, he was secretly poisoned by Jammeh’s agents. Jammeh liquidated Numo as soon as he suspects that Kujabi was reluctant to execute his dirty missions. Kujabi’s untimely death came as a big surprise to Jammeh’s “Mom Asombi Bojang.” Numo was a friend to the Bojang and Jammeh family. The old woman loves him to death.

Our sources recalled Jammeh’s mom was begging him money to attend Numo’s burial, but Jammeh refused. The old lady, made repeated attempts to secure money from Jammeh, just to attend Numo’s burial but to no avail.

In fact, according to Jammeh’s agents Yahya Jammeh has not been in speaking terms with his mom for close to two years. Jammeh just snubbed his mom for no obvious reasons. One of Jammeh aides told me that he seriously doubted if Asombi is Yahya Jammeh’s biological mom. “How can anyone with his right frame of mind snubs your mom,?” he asked.

While serving as the Commander of the military police in the First Republic, Jammeh was allocated an official residence just opposite the Bakau Fire Service. His mom was hosted at an incomplete building at Cape Point by one Badibunka man. The mom was tasked to oversee the home. The house leaks during the rains. Jammeh completely neglected Amsombi. He could have asked his mom to stay with him, but he doesn’t care. He allows his mom to sleep in a leaking roof.

Jammeh’s Marabout In Basse Senses His Downfall!

maraboutWorking around Jammeh, would avail one the opportunity to be privy to his phony lifestyle. Jammeh is a stronger believer of African juju. Grand marabouts direct the affairs of his government and the country. Jammeh relies heavily on his marabouts to run the country. He doesn’t joke with prophesies of his marabouts.

Jammeh was in good terms with his marabout in Basse until recently. The marabout in question has been met by Jammehs surrogates on numerous times. He once prophesized that Jammeh’s fall was near. The marabout’s findings was conveyed to Jammeh by his aides, but Jammeh was quick to say that the marabout was an agent of his enemies to spread fear into his Presidency. He immediately cutoff ties with the marabout.

The said marabout has benefited from Jammeh’s millions to waste on spiritual worshipping. In fact, during one of his impending trips to Dubai, the marabout predicted that Jammeh was likely to be overthrown if he doesn’t take out certain charities. The marabout passed the message to one of Jammeh’s aides. At the time, Jammeh was not in speaking terms with his marabout errand boy by Mustapha Jarju. He accuses Jarju of stealing his money. That’s a long story. We will explain the full story later.

Matarr performed the charities as advised by the Basse marabout. Jammeh travelled to Dubai, without the army overthrowing him. In that Dubai trip, Jammeh’s aides reported that the dictator spent his whole time having sex with his female bodyguards, female ministers and other members of the delegation. His hotel room was a complete mess, one of his aides said.

Coming back to the problem which transpired between Mustapha Jarju and Yahya Jammeh, what happens was Jammeh, has asked Mr. Jarju to approach some cattle owners with the view of borrowing cattle from them. Hundreds of cattle were borrowed from the cattle owners. Jammeh was making piecemeal payments through Mr. Jarju to the cattle owners. All monetary transactions between Jarju and Jammeh were recorded by his aides. Jammeh emerged from the blue and accuses Jarju of stealing his money. He claimed that he was not indebted to the cattle owners, which was blatant lie. It later turns out that Jammeh falsely framed Jarju. Jammeh is in habit of accusing his aides of stealing. He also “mixes” his aides by making them not to trust each other.

The Batakunku Land Scandal!

Borry Ceesay’s late Dad allocated a piece of land to Jammeh prior to his death. The Ceesays founded the village.

Momodou-Aki-Bayo-273x300During a trip to Batakunku, Jammeh pulled aside Borry and asked him about the land his late father allocated to him Jammeh. Jammeh claimed that he owns the verse land. Borry was speechless. Jammeh wanted Borry to reply in the affirmative, but Borry was bit hesitant to respond. He knew that Jammeh was lying.

Dissatisfied with Borry’s response, Jammeh sent his emissaries to the District Chief one Ayi Janneh. The Jammeh agents handed D200, 000 dalasi to Mr. Janneh. He was told that the money was a gift from the President. Jammeh was out to play politics once again. His land grabbing has no limits. 

Few days later, Jammeh phoned Chief Janneh, and asked him about the purported land, that he claimed to have owned in Batakunku. The Chief had no alternative, but to respond in the affirmative.

Jammeh then invited one of his former close aides Sarjo Jarju, and assigned him to lead the team that would demolish the properties at Batakunku. Millions of dollars worth of properties were demolished in Batakunku.

When the demolition team reached the windmill which supplies power to the community, and its surrounding areas, Sarjo Jarju, was bit reluctant to demolish the structure. Mr. Jarju makeup a lie that his team couldn’t demolish the windmill because the equipment they were using was not that strong to carry out such operations. Sarjo was one of the officers jailed in connection with the December, 30th failed coup.

Finally, when Omar Gibba, was working at the State House, as a Protocol officer, Jammeh once sent him to collect an unspecified amount of Euros from Ben Jammeh, the former DG of the National Drug Enforcement Agency. The money Omar collected from Ben, was part of the proceeds of the NDEA’s drug exhibits, Jammeh’s aides said.  More details will follow in our subsequent editions. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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