Gambia: A Surprising Change To Hit Gambia; Zeinab Flying To The US Today; Broke Ass Jammeh Now Sells Wood And Charcoal; Jammeh Is Monitoring Gambian Churches And Priests!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, DCC is again reporting that financially it is over for dictator Jammeh. There are a lot of symptoms to confirm this statement. As the country is collapsing financially, monster Jammeh has decided that there will be no big independence celebration. Monster Jammeh has decided to decentralize the Independence Celebration across all regions. Dictator Jammeh has instructed all chiefs and governors that they are responsible for hosting their own independence and they need to find ways of raising the money for the event. The government coffers is empty, devil Zeinab and monster Jammeh have finally brought the economy to its knees. When this news came out, a lot of top security chiefs were shocked because they spent a lot of time training and rehearsing at Fajara barracks and only to find out that the independence event has been decentralized. 

FIREWOODUnless a miracle happens, no key president will be invited. To also prove that monster Jammeh is poorer than a church mouse, he is now selling charcoal and wood. Yes, Gambians, after selling DEKEH (PEANUT BUTTER) all these years, he has resorted to selling wood and charcoal. Dictator Jammeh is not only competing with the poor petty wood and charcoal traders, but he has BANNED the selling of charcoal by anyone, but himself. He has also indirectly BANNED wood selling by now owning all the major forest were wood is cut as his. Anyone caught cutting wood or charcoal will be jailed. As we speak, there is no law in the constitution, but it is law in dictator Jammeh’s books.

The dictator moved the Ministry of Forestry under the state house for a reason. The Chinese are now paying directly to him. Starting from the Kiang West National Park, Abuko park to Brikama, Bijilo, Tanji, etc. are all owned by monster Jammeh. He owns the whole forest in the entire FONI. Of late, there is high tension in the FONI, the youths in the FONIS are very angry that they cannot fetch wood in their own forest, they cannot collect any log or charcoal. The majority of the people in the FONI are dependent on CHARCOAL selling. In exchange, monster Jammeh sent rice to the villages and telling them that to stop using the forest. The rice provided to these villages did not last even a week and these people depend on the forest for their survival.

Fellow Gambians, DCC can assure you that what happened in Kartong will also happen in the FONIS. A big riot is cooking in the FONIS, the elders are angry, the youths are edgy and can riot anytime. In the meantime, the Chinese are cutting all the big trees and directly loading the logs in containers and paying CASH to monster JAMMEH and DEVIL ZEINAB. Only in the Gambia will a head of state turn to be a charcoal and wood seller. Dictator Jammeh is so broke now he postpones devil Zeinab’s foreign trips. 

zainab_jammeh-dDevil Zeinab is coming to America on Monday, she was supposed to depart Gambia this past Thursday, but the trip was delayed because of lack of money. Dictator Jammeh had to send his financial foot soldiers to key departments to collect money so that devil Zeinab will travel to America. Devil Zeinab is also now completely paranoid and talking about securing a lawyer so that after monster Jammeh’s fall she can be protected. Devil Zeinab you can run, but you cannot hide and all your plans are in our hands.  

Fellow Gambians, according to DCC agent at the State House monster Jammeh, is not happy about the report he is receiving that the Christians are complaining about him turning the country into an Islamic State. Dictator Jammeh is a hypocrite and will mix Gambians to a point where Gambians will one day kill each other in large numbers, MARK THIS DOWN. Gambians have to understand that we are all “ONE”, and should not allow this dictator to divide us. The DCC agent at the State House has confirmed to DCC that monster Jammeh has instructed his assassins to monitor all priests, bishops, fathers and churches. Just like he arrested IMAMS, he will arrest Gambian Christian leaders soon. We are urging the leaders to continue to talk and complain, don’t be moved and be afraid of this foolish dictator. A majority of Gambians are complaining about him turning Gambia into an Islamic State, even Muslims are complaining. The Christian leaders should be vigilant and monitor any new faces who are attending their congregation. DCC is monitoring and will pass you the names of people attending your churches, but PLEASE take this WARNING SERIOUSLY.  Since DCC has exposed this plan, monster Jammeh may turn around and give the Christian leaders some money which he don’t have.

james_allen-sFellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh knows that he cannot win the elections and it is going to be very difficult for him to rig the 2016 election. But he will try everything to steer and start a tribal war, religious differences or attempt to provoke Senegal to war so that he can prolong his stay. MARK THIS DOWN, you can see all the signs again. His intention is to create chaos and havoc between Gambia and Senegal. DCC knows a lot that we cannot reveal, this is why monster Jammeh is creating all the border issues, charging Senegalese transportation high cost, etc. Once he starts war between Senegal and Gambia, he will then convince the Cassamance rebels to join him so that he can annex Gambia and Cassamance, MARK THIS DOWN. 

On a last note, DCC is warning Jaliba Kuyateh that he needs to be careful. Jaliba Kuyateh dictator Jammeh and Zeinab will soon “419” you, don’t partner with them on anything. They know exactly how much you have in your accounts, they want your money. We are also warning Gambians to not accept or eat any charity from monster Jammeh, he is using the army who will wear civilian clothes to serve his “charmed” charity to Gambians. Dictator Jammeh has resorted to making all butchers in the Gambia make their cows, sheep, goats, etc. to drink his spiritual water in the name of making Gambians love him. Yes, Gambians the ram or sheep you buy to feed your family is being fed with monster Jammeh fake spiritual water. Dictator Jammeh even uses Nawec water tanks, fire service trucks, etc in the name of making Gambians love him. This is not working because monster Jammeh is hated by majority of Gambians. His Jalangs and spiritual doctors are misleading him. It is the same spiritual doctors, who had advised him to start the Vision 2016, Fishery project and a lot of other major projects, and THEY HAVE ALL FAILED. Where is VISION 2016, monster Jammeh said people from the west will start hustling in the Gambia in the year 2015 and it’s all lies. 

Finally Gambians,  ………….(edited)  on the ground, DCC is not only exposing but now changing people’s minds in the Gambia. Dictator Jammeh a big surprise is coming, it do not matter how many patrol teams you send every night. Gambians know your game now, you will praise someone, raise that person all the way to the galaxies and turn around and make that person “PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE”, guess what monster Jammeh, you are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE !

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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