TOP STATE SECRET: Gambia/Senegal Engulfed In A Secret Economic War Along The Border; Jammeh Flees To Kanilai As The Border Crisis Deepens; Momodou Sabally Is The New GRTS DG!


The unstable and paranoid Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is spending the night in Kanilai, amid growing tensions between his regime and the government of President Macky Sall of Senegal, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Jammeh left the State House today under heavy escort, as he heads out for Kanilai. The dictator is really freaking out! Senegal has responded to his recent exorbitant ferry tariffs by levying similar exorbitant taxes against Gambian vehicles crossing the border along Karang. 

Macky and jammeh 1The Gambia Ports Authority ferries plying between Banjul, and Barra are virtually empty, as Senegalese transporters have boycotted The Gambian route, following the introduction of the new ferry tariffs by the Jammeh dictatorship. The boycott has adversely affected the Ports’s revenue collection base.

At Karang, a neighboring Senegalese border checkpoint, Gambian vehicles arriving there have been denied entry unless the vehicle owners paid D27, 000 dalasi, which is equivalent to $800 US dollars. Hundreds of Gambian vehicles have been rendered stranded along the border because of the new tariff policy imposed by the Senegalese government.

A Senegalese National, was among the passengers, who boarded the ferry from Banjul. He was travelling from Banjul to Senegal. He told the Freedom Newspaper that the ferry was virtually empty.  He also told this paper that upon arrival in Karang, Gambian vehicles were being denied entry into the other side of the border.

“There is a border problem between the government of The Gambia and Senegal. Senegal has started denying Gambian vehicles into their territory. Gambian vehicles would only be allowed entry into Senegal, on condition that the vehicle owners are ready to pay the tariff that The Gambia government is charging truckers on the other side of The Gambian border. This border problem between the two sister countries, if not properly managed, it could denigrate into a total border crisis,” said the Senegalese traveler, who has just returned from The Gambia.

The border debacle between The Gambia and Senegal, have compelled Gambian travelers to walk on foot to cross the border upon arrival at Amdalai, a Gambian border village next to Karang. Gambian motorists would also resort to parking their vehicles along the border.

The two governments are literally not in speaking terms. Dictator Yahya Jammeh imposed the exorbitant ferry tariffs without consulting his Senegalese counterpart Macky Sall. He also did not notify the Senegalese Transport Minister, including the Transport Association.

In another development, Senegal has temporarily closed its border with The Gambia. The move is calculated to avenge Jammeh’s exorbitant ferry tariffs. 

Sabally DOMeanwhile, before travelling to Kanilai, on Monday, Jammeh effected a minor change in his media propaganda machine. The Daily Observer Managing Director, and onetime Secretary General, and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally, has been appointed as the new Director General of The Gambian Radio and television Services (GRTS). Mr. Sabally has replaced Lamin Manga, the former holder of the post. Mr. Manga, has been relegated to the position of Deputy GRTS Director. Manga, is the Russian Consul General in The Gambia.

The newly hired GRTS DG Momodou Sabally, known as the “Gambia’s pen” has been used in the past by dictator Jammeh to attack the US government and other western allies, in the wake of the National Assembly’s rejection of Washington’s proposal to network with The Gambian government in the area of maritime protection and ending international drug trafficking.

lamin_manga-dMr. Sabally is Jammeh’s suitable candidate to wage a media war against Senegal. He is a “show boy” who could be easily manipulated by Jammeh. We are keenly monitoring the activities of the financially bankrupt Jammeh dictatorship.  

Mr. Manga and Lamin Sabally are close buddies. The duos would now work under Information Minister Sheriff Bojang. Once again, dictator Jammeh is at his best. Jammeh is Gambia’s most divisive character. He is determined to use these unsuspecting goons to fan his deceptive propaganda calculated to fool Gambians. 

Dictator Jammeh is very depressed and confused at the same time. When his convoy reached Brikama, while on his way to Kanilai, he handed an unspecified amount of money to one of his escort ridders to hand over the money to the youths, who were playing football (soccer) at the field at the material time.

It is not clear when dictator Jammeh would return to Banjul. Our sources are in Kanila, ahead of the Ruling APRC’S 23nd National Congress. We will keep you posted with developments as it unfolds. Stay tuned.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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