Gambia: Gambian Dictator Yahya Jammeh Bans The Sale Of Charcoal And Production In The Country!


A tersely worded statement issued by The Gambia Government has disclosed that the ban on charcoal production and sale in the country still remains in force, therefore all those found burning wood trunks especially trunks of fresh trees to produce charcoal will face the full force of the law.

“All Chiefs and Alkalos are therefore strongly warned to ensure that the ban is upheld throughout their districts and villages. If by any chance any one is caught in this illegal act, the respective Chief and Alkalo in the area in which the illegal act is committed will be held responsible,” the statement added.

The ban on charcoal sale and production will not doubt adversely affected families residing in the Greater Banjul area. Many families here relied on charcoal to cook for their loved ones. Local restaurant owners also used charcoal to prepare meal for their customers. Many also use charcoal to brew attaya.

There has been growing resentment across the country since the news of the banning of charcoal sale and production.

According to informed sources, dictator Yahya Jammeh has taken over the sector. Jammeh will instead be selling charcoal to Gambians, according to sources.

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