Gambia: Jammeh Allegedly Asked JT Kujabi To Collect 210,000 Euros Drug Exhibit Money From The Former Head Of The NDEA Ben Jammeh!


In May of 2010, JT Kujabie was sent by Yahya Jammeh to collect an amount of 210, 000 euros all in 500 notes from Benedict Jammeh, the former Director General of NDEA. The said money was seized from the Bonto drug catch, which implicated several South American nationals. JT Kujabie was made to sign a document by Ben Jammeh that he collected the said amount from Ben. General Saul Badjie was aware of the whole process. Yaya Jammeh in turn gave Ben Jammeh about a million dalasis to build a house at his home in Kanilai. 

Ben Jammeh’s problem with Yaya Jammeh began when on Wednesday, 8, January 2013, Ben appeared before the PEC/PAC at the National Assembly where he informed the deputies about the drug destruction machine called INSULATOR to be bought by the British High Commission to destroy the two tons of drugs. After the Assembly sitting, Ben was called by Njogu Bah and warned him that Yaya Jammeh is not happy with his deals with the British to destroy the said drugs. Yaya wanted to sell the drugs.

Ben was dismissed on the 10th January and detained at NIA for days and later released on bail. He was again arrested and detained on 18th January thus denying him attending his law school graduation ceremony held at Paradise Suites Hotel.

Written By Fabakary Ceesay

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