Gambia: Letter Writer Takes Issue With Sheriff Bojang!


Pa, first of all, I want to thank you for your fight and enlightenment of Gambians across the world about the dictator. Now if readers and listeners can recall last week, the Minister of Communication Sheriff Bojang, was on the Daily Observer, saying that he is responding to Dembo’s speech during the UDP last rally; calling Dembo a liar. He also said that if it was not his age he was going to insult him.

Sheriff, here is what I have for you, because you are the PORTE PAROLE for the government. Now decide who is the liar.. Dembo or your President?

Did you remember during his 2011, election victory swearing ceremony, when your president  was under oath and holding THE HOLY KORAN  saying I quote (the Gambia will develop to the same development level seen in DUBAI).

Do you remember when your president told the people in a political rally in Brikamaba that a train track will be built passing Brikamaba forgetting that at one time he even gave time table for the commencement of the track in March of 2014.

Do you remember when during his last meet the people’s tour your president said to the farmers that he will buy 3000 tractors each year that was in 2015.

Do you remember when your president swears on the Holy Koran to uphold the constitution of the country in 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011 and lied by changing the constitution. For example, he declared the country as an Islamic state 

Written By A Concerned Gambian Sweden

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