Gambia: Sacked Lands Minister Bounces Back; As ML Gibba Heads KGI!


Gambia’s most short-lived Lands Minister Momodou Lamin Gibba, AKA (ML Gorro Gibba) has been recycled back into the Jolla hegemony led dictatorial regime, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Mr. Gibba, has been assigned by his dictator brother Yahya Jammeh to run his elicit Kanilai Group International Company.

Mr. Gibba, has served in the past as the Managing Director of The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) and The Social Security, Housing, and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) respectively, before he was recently appointed to join Yahya Jammeh’s micromanaged Cabinet. Gibba, a native of Dobong, never stayed long in Cabinet. He got fired barely one week after his appointment.

ML Gibba, is not a stranger to dictator Jammeh. Jammeh stayed at their family home in Dobong, when he (Jammeh) was going to school in Bwiam.

Mr. Gibba, is a UK educated Gambian. He bagged a “Master’s Degree” in business management. He worked briefly in one of the hotels in The Gambia, before Jammeh ordained him into his nepotistic discredited regime.

 Mr. Gibba, has been married to five wives, since his return from the UK. He has divorced all his five wives on frivolous excuses.

Among his divorced wives, is the late Isatou Bojang, a twenty five year old girl. Ms. Bojang, who used live and work in Dubai, married Gibba for a year, before Gibba parted company with her. She gave birth, but the baby died.

The reason for Gibba divorcing her: Gibba accuses her of giving information to his former colleague Lamin Sanyang, the current Managing Director of the GPA. Gibba and Sanyang are strange bedfellows. The duo used to be close buddies, but they hardly get along nowadays. Mr. Sanyang hailed from a village not far from Somita, in Foni. He is General Saul Badjie’s buddy.

Also among the divorced Gibba wives is: Haddy Jack, a Banjul native, who recently gotten married to a Gambian based in Sweden. Ms. Jack, had a problem with Gibba’s daughter, which resulted to her unfortunate divorce.

Sadly, Mr. Gibba, is not caring any of the kids, he fathered with his five former wives. He is in the business of dumping the kids with his divorced wives for upbringing. He usually tells his divorced wives: “I have donated the kids to you.” Gibba, would in turn move on with his life. Sources said he supports his kids, but he doesn’t want to take the burden to stay with them.

Mr. Gibba, lives at Brusubi. He is a big womanizer. Ports insiders alleged that many a time Gibba would have sex with pretty female job applicants before hiring them.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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