Gambia: Top Gamtel Secret: Gamtel MD Sanyang, Balla Jassey And Co Accused Of Financial Crimes!


Hello Pa, This is a concern Gamtel employee. I am sure this conversation will interest you and the Gambian public. I just overhead one Mr Bala Jassey and Mr. Baboucar Sanyang, the current Managing Director of Gamtel, talking about very important issues. By the way, they were very happy and celebrating that they finally won the battle to remove Mr. Almamy Gasama,  the General Manager of Gamcel from his position. That he was one of their main problem. I also heard one of them I think is Mr. Bala Jassey bragging and laughing and saying that they have now finally replaced Mr. Muhammed Bazzi, who Gambians believed milked the country with millions of dollars and allegedly ran away. That they will be the richest people in Gambia now.

gamtel_logo-dIn fact, Mr. Bala Jassey, was encouraging Baboucar Sanyang, to marry more wives to enjoy his free money while it last as he already has three wives and is going to marry more. He went on to talk about how they have finally convinced the president and General Badjie to block Viber, Skype and Whatsup, as they will install a DPI. They keep on talking about this DPI and I do not understand what they mean. I believe this is a technical term, but I know that few years ago, the same Baboucar Sanyang, MD of Gamtel fought very hard to remove the DPI installed by Mr. Muhammed Bazzi, under a company called TELL. He told everyone that installing the DPI is not good for the country and Mr. Bazzi does not mean well for the Gambia.

Today, the same person Baboucar Sanyang, because of his personal interest is now fighting to have his DPI installed under a company called MGI and you know Pa, it is very difficult nowadays to call Gambia from outside and because the country invested a lot to have good Internet; people are using it to communicate to their loved ones. They were lamenting the fact that this year is election year and this will make Gambians to dislike the president as Gambians will have lot of challenge talking to their loved ones. This is why they want to block the Apps and watch it Pa, very soon you will not be able to call Gambia using skype or Whatsup or Viber. They are blocking all the operators like Africel, Gamcel, Qcell, and Comuim.

I think Baboucar is still angry with the president becaise he jailed him few years ago, and he wants to revenge. They were also arguing that the $20, 000 dollars monthly they are giving to some top army and security officers is too much. I heard them mentioning some names, but want to reconfirm the names as they are top officers and will send you the list. They said that they need to find a way to reduce it.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Also, they claimed that MGI, is paying millions of Euros to the president and they also think that it is too much for him alone, as the country does not see the money. They were also saying that MGI, should pay them more money than what they are currently getting. They said that MGI, is making over 2 Million Euros a month, and they are getting only $100, 000 dollars, monthly for all the lobbying and risk they are taking. I am not clear whether this is for both of them or individually. They even claimed that MGI does not pay tax or have any significant cost. Pa, you can start checking about MGI, and find out what sort of company they are in Europe and whether they are declaring tax. I am sure the European Union, will be interested to know what they are making and whether they are paying tax.
Pa, this is really an interesting conversation and I am trying to get more information. The public need to know this big scam and how these people are looting and cheating the country. I have real evidence and record proofs and paper work on all the shady deals Bala Jassey is doing with Baboucar Sanyang even before the MGI deal. I have everything. All Gamtel staff know Balla Jassey and his … as he is in Baboucar Sanyang office every day.

In fact, Baboucar, has a list of over 500 Gamtel employees, he wants to fire as MGI, has taken over the work of Gamtel and collecting all the money. We are all part of the list to be fired. Now everyone knows that Gamtel is bankrupt because of few greedy individuals. Staff are really suffering. I will send you all the information if they do not stop what they are doing to the country. A lot of Gamtel staff are cooperating with me. I love the president and I know that if he knows these people’s intention he will not deal with them. Thank you for giving me space in your paper.

Written By A Gamtel Insider

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