Gambia: Jammeh’s Insult Aimed At Mandinkas Reflects His Tribalist Mentality, Says Kinsman


Gambia – A full breed Jola civil servant has labelled Yahya Jammeh a “tribalist” following Yahya’s recent tribal jibes directed at Mandinkas in Gambia.

Speaking to Freedom on condition of anonymity, the Jola man said Yahya’s ongoing grotesque insult aimed at Mandinkas reflected his “tribalist” mentality that led to the pruning down of Mandinkas from top positions in his government.

According to him, “He is ashamed and embarrassed as a Gambian and Jola man to see Yahya as the president of a country where things are not done the right way.

“I have a lot of Mandinka friends and they are complaining. Nearly all the top jobs in government are either given to Jolas, Fulas or the Wollofs.

“Yahya has run out of ideas hence his resort to personal attacks instead of concentrating on the pressing issues.”

The civil servant added that the outstanding challenges confronting Gambia have put the Jammeh administration out of its depth, and that the government has run out of ideas.

“Gambians are not surprised that Yahya has resorted to personal attacks on Mandinkas and focusing on trivial issues because his government has thoroughly run out of ideas to lead Gambia to the promised destination,” he said.

Jammeh, 50, have made headlines in the recent past when he labeled Mandinkas as ‘traitors.’ He said he preferred 10 Jola appointments to one Mandinka appointment. He also said it was better for him to give the jobs to Fulas and Wollofs rather than the Mandinkas.

Meanwhile, reports coming out of Banjul say Yahya’s distrust and anti-Mandinka sentiment is growing because he thinks that Mandinkas do not mean well for him. The reports added that Yahya believes Mandinkas have been plotting a comeback and to replace him as president of Gambia.

The Mandinkas of Gambia are the largest ethnic group of people in the country. They are sometimes referred to as the Mandingo, Malinke or Mande and make up 42 percent of the population of Gambia.

Written By A Correspondent In Banjul

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