Gambia: Breaking News: Malick Jones Evacuated To The US, Amid Lungs Problems!


Longtime Radio and TV anchor Malick Jones, who now works at the Information Ministry, as a Deputy Permanent Secretary arrived in the United States yesterday, looking pale and malnourished amid a deteriorating health condition, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Jones, who flew with SN Brussels airline, was placed on a wheelchair upon his transit to Brussels, and the United States respectively. The former disco jokey is suffering from lungs problems. He was finally flown to the US after months of waiting to secure an air ticket, sources have intimated.

Airport workers at the Banjul international airport were saddened to see Malick in such an ailing health condition. Malick could barely walk. He travelled to the US unescorted by his family. He was alone in the flight.

Mr. Jones is believed to be residing in Seattle at this hour. Even though he doesn’t have the necessary funds to secure treatment in the US, he is hoping to get support from his family in Seattle, to treat his illness.

A source, who met Malick Jones said: “I could barely recognize Malick Jones. He has completely lost weight. He is suffering from lungs problems.”

Malick Jones has been working with GRTS for over thirty years. Sources at the Information Ministry said the Jammeh government couldn’t even facilitate Jone’s timely travel to the US to secure medical treatment. Jones was left alone to figure out his own travel expenses, our source added.

Written By A Staff Writer, Banjul

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