Gambia: Breaking News: Guards Accompanying Yankuba Touray Killed UDP Singer Kaibutay Jahfuneh At Denton Bridge!


New information has emerged that former junta official Yankuba Touray and two other soldiers, were allegedly responsible for the murder of Kaibutay Jahfuneh, a UDP singer and drummer, who was shot at close range at Denton Bridge, following an opposition showdown with the soldiers, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The alleged incident occurred during the 1996, Presidential elections campaign. Yankuba Touray, was already retired from the army at the time of the incident. He was a Civilian Minister.

Dressed in full military uniform, while armed with an AK 47 riffle, Yankuba Touray, barricaded the Denton Bridge to prevent the opposition United Democratic Party from crossing the bridge. He was accompanied by two other armed soldiers. The bridge was sealed off by armed guards.

One of the UDP vehicles intercepted at the bridge was filled with heavy stones.the late Sedia Sanyang, Kaibutay Jahfuneh, and others were part of the UDP convoy travelling to Banjul at the material time. Upon their arrival at the bridge, they were asked to pull aside. The opposition complied. 

It was during the period of processing the opposition officials and militants that Kaibutay was shot and killed by guards accompanying Yankuba Touray. It is not clear who actually shot Kaibutay. The bullet that killed the singer came from Yankuba Touray’s guards.

Yankuba Touray, personally supervised the torture of the opposition officials and militants. A Bakau lady, who was pregnant at the time had to deliver on the spot due to the mistreatment meted out to her. She could not withstand the torture. She later gave birth to a baby boy. 

Former UDP Executive Member Sedia Sanyang died few months after he was tortured together with his colleagues in the opposition. Mr. Sanyang couldn’t withstand the torture meted out to him by the soldiers. 

Meanwhile, Politician Waa Juwara, was taken to an undisclosed location and tortured. Juwara’s hands were tied on a tree, while his legs remain hanging in the air. He was mercilessly tortured. Juwara even suffered from  a fractured fingers during that brutal torture. He was asked by his torturers if he would ever insult Jammeh’s mom, and he replied in the negative. Juwara was abducted from his residence by the junta and detained for over two years. He was feared death at some point. He could not avail himself as a Presidential candidate in view of his illegal imprisonment by the state. He walked out of jail more fired up. He later teamed up with the UDP leadership to oppose Jammeh and his political cronies. 

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