Gambia: Top State Secret: The Gambia, Is Another Rwanda In West Africa; Secret Killings Documented Under Dictator Jammeh’s Twenty One Year Misrule!


It was on November, 11, 1994, when former Gambian Army Captain Basiru Barrow, a native of Jarra Barrow-Kunda, drove from his home in Bakoteh, to meet with his co coup plotters at the Yundum Military Barracks. Mr. Barrow, arrived at the camp around midnight. He alighted from his car, and walked towards the guardroom. His first remark to his men on duty was: “Gentlemen, are you ready for it.?” In response, the soldiers said: “Yes Sir, we are ready.”

BASS BARROWLittle did Captain Basiru Barrow, knew that the former Junta Defense Minister and Vice Chairman Captain Edward Singhateh, and his men have already laid down an ambush for him. Barrow walked passed Captain Singhateh, who was hiding around the vicinity of the guardroom. Mr. Singhateh walked behind him and then grabbed him by the back. Barrow was carrying a black briefcase at the time. The briefcase contained the coup operational information, including the list of officers associated with the coup. There was also a pistol concealed in the briefcase.

When Captain Edward Singhateh subdued (overcome) Captain Barrow, Barrow, had no alternative, but to drop his briefcase. He was now at the mercy of his captives.

One of Captain Singhateh’s former bodyguards Batch Samba Jallow, a native of Farato, remarked after the capturing of Barrow: “Sir, let me finish him.” Mr. Jallow was told wait. Barrow, was subsequently handcuffed, and then detained at a cell next to the guardroom.

Mr. Barrow, was later transported to the Fajara Barracks to join his co accused coup plotter Ex-Lieutenant Abdoulie Faal, AKA Dot Faal. Faal, was arrested after the barracks was taken over by soldiers loyal to the junta. Faal, hailed from Balanagar. We will discuss Barrow’s execution later in this masterpiece.

Fajara Barracks Came Under Attack!

DOT FAALLike all abortive coups, the November, 11, 1994, coup, also leaked before the execution of the coup. Abdoulie Faal, was the Adjutant of the Fajara Camp. Faal, and his men, were on standby for the execution of the coup. A plan was strategized by Barrow, Faal and his men to use certain “uneducated soldiers” posted at the Fajara Barracks to man the key security instillations within the barracks on the night of the planned coup. They told the men that the command received an intelligence that the barracks was likely to be attacked by mercenaries loyal to former President Jawara. That the mercenaries could be white men and the barracks should be defended if such an attack takes place.

Barrow, and Faal, knew very well what they were doing. Prior to the foiling of the coup, junta officials: Edward Singhateh, Yankuba Touray, Sadibu Hydara, Sanna Sabally, and co visited both Yundum and Fajara Barracks respectively to warn soldiers not to venture into any attempt to topple the existing administration at the time.

Yahya Fandeh, a cook, was stationed at the flag pole of the barracks. Piere Mendy, also a cook, cum school dropout, was stationed at the same location, while the rest of the soldiers were stationed in other strategic locations of the barracks.

Guards led by Yunus Barry, entered through the back gate of the Fajara barracks.  Yunus, was armed with a portable grenade. He fired shots in the area.

Former Junta official Edward Singhateh, also led some men to ambush the barracks. Edward’s men arrested Yahya Fandeh and Pierre Mendy, both cooks at the Fajara Barracks.

When the junta’s loyal forces hit the gate, they met Alasana Jenneh, a former Gendarmerie officer. He fired his weapon at the loyal forces. Jenneh, too was arrested after he was overpowered by Edwards’s guards.

When soldier Yahya Fandeh, Pierre Mendy and Alasana Jenneh were questioned, they told guards led by Edward that they were told by their superiors that the Camp was going to be attacked. They were subsequently released.

After taking over the camp, Dot Faal was arrested. Mr. Faal, was undressed. He only had a boxer (short) on him. Faal was paraded in front of the Commander’s office, where he was subjected to humiliating and brutal beatings before his execution. Both Peter Singhateh and his brother Edward Singhateh, were present at the time of Mr. Faal’s execution. Also present at the execution of Dot Faal was: The EX- Junta Vice Chairman Sanna Bairo Sabally, and the former Interior Minister Saidbu Hydara. Faal, was shot at close range either by Peter, or his brother Edward.

Before his execution Dot Faal remarked: “You cannot kill me. You cannot kill me.” Despite Faal’s repeated noise that he should not be killed, that never stopped Edward and his men from executing him in grand style. Faal, even defecated himself before meeting his tragic death. Mr. Faal’s remains was put onboard a vehicle with the registration number: GNA 111.

Basiru Barrow Was The First Officer To Be Executed

BASS BARROWBasiru Barrow, was the first to be killed at the Fajara barracks. Like Dot Faal, Barrow, was killed in front of the Commander’s office.  Barrow’s lost all his teeth during the beatings. Over ten soldiers were assembled to shoot him. Council members’ orderlies were among those assigned to execute Barrow.

Sanna Bairo Sabally’s orderlies were among those, who took part in the killing of Basiru Barrow. Among them was: One Njai Ponkal. Ponkal, now works at the training school.

Another orderly named in the killing of Barrow was B A Njie. Mr. Njie, now works at the Army Head Quarters Finance Department.

Sissaho Fatty, a former orderly attached to Edward Singhateh also took part in the killing of Barrow. Sissaho, has since left the army. 

SUSO 1Alfusainey Suso, a former orderly of the late Sadibu Hydara, was also on the ground on the day in question. Suso, now lives in Europe. He is from Dippa-Kunda. Suso’s late brother was also in the army. He was shot and killed along the beach by some soldiers. He was chilling with his girlfriend, when soldiers patrolling the beach side opened fire on them.

Before he was finally executed after losing his tooth, Basiru Barrow remarked: “I have two wives. Please spare my life. You can jail me if you want.” Sanna Sabally responded: “Don’t worry about them.”

After killing Barrow and Dot Faal, their assassins were not comfortable collecting their remains. In fact, everyone who witnessed the killings was bit afraid to grab the corpses of Barrow and Faal. 

November, 11, was a turning point in the annals of The Gambia National Army. Men in uniform killed their colleagues in grand style.

Pierre Mendy, a cook was among those who collected the corpses and put them in the truck. Barrow and Dot were killed at 7 am. They were killed on a Friday. The bodies of Barrow and Faal were transported to the Yundum Barracks.

Council Members And Officers Converged At The Yundum Barracks

YANKS TOURAY FORMER COUNCIL MEMBERThe officers converged at the ant room at the Yundum Barracks. At the time, all those whose names were featured on the list that Barrow provided to the arresting team, have been arrested with the exception of Basiru Camara, and Amadou Kebbeh, a Banjulian. Kebbeh, now works with a security company in The Gambia. He was shot on the leg during the course of his arrest. He was not killed. Kebbeh was shot by Peter Singhateh. He was shot at the Fajara barracks, just outside the clinic.

Information later reached the arresting team that Basiru Camara, was spotted in Brikama. He was pursued. Camara, was spotted around the Brikama market area. He tried to hide, but he was arrested. He was placed in Peter Singhateh’s official Toyota Corolla car. He was put in the trunk. Peter was not around then. He was taken to Yundum and detained in a cell.

Fafa Nyang, is a former Army Sergeant Instructor. He is from Balangarr. His wife Fatou Sowe, works at the Islamic Bank. Fafa, was living at the Yundum Barracks, with his wife, and family, before his arrest and subsequent execution.

Mr. Nyang, was arrested at his room at the camp. He was arrested by Manlafi Corr, now deceased. Corr, too was killed in the aftermath of the 2006 March abortive coup. He was killed together with Daba Marena, the former NIA Chief, RSM Alpha Bah, Lieutenant Ebou Lowe, and Lieutenant Alieu Ceesay.

The late Manlafi Corr, escorted Fafa Nyang to the ant room for interrogation. Ant room is next to the Signals Unit of the Yundum Barracks and Cook House. Mr. Nyang, was questioned by Edward, Peter, Sadibu Hydara and co. Edu, conducted the majority of the questioning.

When Fafa Nyang arrived at the ant room, he was dressed in a camouflage trouser, and a mixed color shirt. He was putting on a slip pass. When questioned by Edward Singhateh, Fafa Nyang said in the Wollof dialect: “Hai Mann Duma Deef Lolu.” Meaning in English I will not engage in such activities. Nyang, was beamed in smiles, while laughing at the same time. He never knew that he was about to be killed by Edward’s men. He was told by Edward: “fucking move out.” Edu, then told the arresting team “ Get him.” 

When Fafa Nyang came out of the ant room, he was told by Edward and his men: “Go and meet your friends and greet them.” The bodies of Dot Faal, and Basiru Barrow were on board the truck GNA 111 at the time. Mr. Nyang tried to climb on the truck and upon seeing the bodies of Dot and Barrow, he could not resist the situation. He suddenly fell down. He then stand again. Edward Singhateh remarked again: “Get him.”

There were many armed soldiers around. Among them, it was only one soldier, who participated in the killing of Fafa Nyang. His name is Lamin Colley. Colley fired the shot that killed Fafa Nyang. He was a Lance Corporal at the time of killing Nyang. Fafa, was shot on the back by Lamin Colley. Colley works with the Army Medic at the Medical Reception Station (MRS) in Yundum Barracks. Colley still works at Yundum. He is a senior NCO.

After killing Fafa Nyang, Colley, also fell on the ground. He was putting on a lot of jujus at the time. The soldiers came to his aid. The jujus were removed and he later regained consciousness.

Fafa Nyang, was killed on a Friday after eleven clock in the morning. Sanna Sabally, then went to Radio One FM, George Christensen’s radio station to announce the failed coup on the same day Friday. Sanna claimed among other things that some of the coupists lost their lives during the shootout. 

Sanna Sabally Visited The Yundum Barracks On A Saturday

sana 1Sanna Sabally, came to the Yundum barracks on a Saturday, accompanied by his fellow Council Members. He was dressed in mufti. He had a hand held walk talkie radio. Sanna then gave an order that all the detainees in the cells should be brought outside. The detainees were taken out from their cells. Sanna then said: “Tide them up. We are going to kill them and dump them somewhere.”

Among the soldiers, taking part in tying up of the soldier detainees was: WO1 Papu Gomez. He is now a Colonel in the army. Papu, works at the Joint Services Head Quarters. He smacked one of the detainees and then remarked: “Even my daughter’s buttocks is bigger than yours.” 

After tying them up, Pap Gomez, and co placed the detainees in a Land Rover, and placed barbwire on them. The captives started bleeding as a result of barbwire placed on their bodies. Seven of them were in the car. Basiru Camara, Ebrima (E M) Ceesay were not in the car at this time.

When they drove passed Nyambia Forest, blood started dropping on the road. Someone notified the convoy that blood was dropping from Land Rover. The individual concerned advised Papu Gomez, and his men to change road. The original destination was at the Brikama firing range. The convoy then diverted to the Siffo bushes.

An order was given to cut some leafs and place it in the Land Rover. The Land Rover was cleaned in an attempt to avoid any blood trail. Among the detainees in the Land Rover were:

Lieutenant Bah, alias Chopin

Lieutenant Bakary Manneh, alias Nyancho, a Mandinka officer from Nuimi

Lieutenant Buba Jammeh, from Nuimi, also a Mandinka officer. He gave his new black watch to Lamarana Jallow, a former orderly before he was killed. Buba Jammeh has just returned from an overseas officers training before the November, 11, abortive coup.

Cadet Sillah, another Mandinka officer from Nuimi

Lieutenant Gibril Saye, a weapon expert from Serre-Kunda. He was living in Banjulnding before he was killed.

The remaining two captives, we, are yet to establish their names.

At the Siffoe bushes, the catch word for the killings was: “Run for your lives.” The detainees were being called one after the other by their names. The late Sadibu Hydara, was the one tasked to call the names of the officers to be executed. The detainees couldn’t run, despite being asked by Sadibu to run for their lives. 

More than ten armed soldiers mainly consist of orderlies assigned to the Council Members, were present at the execution ground in Siffoe. Corporal Alhagie Kanyi, a native of Sankuya, and one Pa Sanneh, from Kartong, a Provost, also joined the executioners in the bushes of Siffoe. Kanyi, also served as a Provost, during his military career.

The following people took part in the killing of the officers mentioned above:

Corporal Alhagie Kanyi

Private Pa Sanneh

Omar Sonko, a Jolla from Foni Bullock. He now works at the Central Bank as a Security Guard

Njie Ponkal, who now works at the Army training school at the Fajara barracks

D A Njie, Warrant officer Class 2. D A Njie now works at the Army Headquarters Finance and Records Department.

Sissaho Fatty, former Army Private

Tumbul Tamba, then Army Corporal, now deceased

LAMIN FATTYLance Corporal Lamin Fatty, from Essau. He was among of Edward Singhateh’s orderlies.

J CB Meny, Sanna Sabally’s orderly. He was one of the deadliest among Sanna’s orderlies. He was working as a Security Guard at the Kairaba Hotel in 2011.

Something dramatic occurred at the execution ground. Cadet Sillah, one of the captured officers lined up to be killed made a remark before he was executed: “If you are going to kill me, take the heaviest weapon.”

Cadet Sillah, also recited the Koran before he was executed. Sanna Sabally was touched by Sillah’s Islamic recitation. Sanna, appeared very frightened. He walked towards Sadibu Hydara, and tried to prevail on Hydara to spare Sillah’s life. But Saidbu wouldn’t listen to him. Hydara told Sanna: “Hey, the Army alone is another Koran.” Sillah was shot at a close range. He subsequently died.

Lt. Bakary Manneh cried at the execution ground in Siffoe. He begged for forgiveness. His repeated pleas felt into deaf ears. He was subsequently killed.

Lt. Gibril Saye, a native of Serre-Kunda, left his home and reported to work at Yundum. Saye walked into the Yundum barracks in the morning by himself. He had the army’s reference book called aid memoir. He was in uniform. He was told that he was under arrest. He remarked: “What have I done?” He was escorted to the guardroom. His aid memoir was also taken from him. He was undressed and placed in the cell.

Mr. Saye, was among the officers taken to the Siffoe bushes for execution. Mr. Saye told his killers before his execution that: “You people are cowards. If you are men, and brave, why tying our legs?” No one answered him. Saye died as a brave officer. He was killed.

It would be recalled that in the aftermath of the November, 11, 1994, abortive coup, Mr. Saye’s biological father visited the office of the late junta Interior Minister Sadibu Hydara, to ask him, about his missing son. Mr. Hydara, flatly denied having knowledge about Saye’s whereabouts. It turns out that it was Hydara, who supervised the execution of the Saye and co at the Siffoe bushes.

Escorting The Remains Of The Executed Officers To Yundum

sadibu hydaraThe driver of the Land Rover Ansuman Jabbi, from Jarra Toniataba could not drive the vehicle on his way back to Yundum. He suffered from a seizure. The former CDS Baboucarr Jatta, even advised Jabbi to seek some spiritual prayers. Jatta was present during the killings. Ansumana died of TB years later. Just for the records: Ansumana Jabbi, never killed anyone.

The bodies of the executed officers were placed in the Land Rover, while barbwire was used to cover the corpses. There were leafs also placed on the remains of the executed officers.

This was on a Saturday evening. The bodies were taken to the Yundum barracks. The bodies were dumped in a new built pit latrine at Yundum not far from the Cook House. The aforementioned officers were buried in the said pit latrine.

MBOOB 1At this time, Basuru Camara and EM Ceesay were still kept in the cells at Yundum. They were to be executed next. One Baboucarr Mboob, a former Lance Corporal, also a native of Ndogu-Kebbeh, and Alhagie Kanyi escorted Ceesay and Camara from their cells. Mboob, is believed to be residing in the United States. Kanyi lives in The Gambia. Mboob, and Kanyi allegedly  killed the two detainees: Basiru Camara, and EM Ceesay, a native of Kaur. Basiru Camara came from Jarra Pakalinding.

Ex- Soldier Baboucarr Mboob, alias Babou Kodu, lives in New York, in the Bronx. He used to live at number 56 Lancaster street Banjul. That’s the family home of Musa Mboob, the former Inspector General of Police. He is from Ndungu-Kebbeh. He graduated from the Banjul City Council Secondary School (BCC). Read between the lines, you will find Mr. Mboob in a joint portrait with dictator Yahya Jammeh, Landing 13 Badjie and others. Interesting revelations.

Basiru Camara, and EM Ceesay, were assembled at the Yundum pit latrine and shot at close range by Mboob and Kanyi. Mboob is heavily built. They were buried together with the officers, who were executed in Siffoe.

Alhagie Kanyi’s Involvement In The November, 11, 1994, Abortive Coup

KANYI 2A Tuesday before the November, 11, abortive coup, Alhagie Kanyi, then Corporal Kanyi, was seen at the Yundum Barracks field waiting for the soldiers under his unit to arrive for him to lecture them on military tactics. Kanyi, was a section commander at the time. There was a blackboard positioned at the field. This is where soldiers in Yundum receive their daily lectures. Kanyi, was holding a chuck at the material time. Kanyi, was also under Gibril Saye’s Command Company. Saye was his Company Sergeant Major.

Mr. Kanyi, confided to some of his colleagues in the army that they were plotting to remove the Military Council headed by Yahya Jammeh. “Don’t you know that we coming to remove this Council,?” Kanyi asked one of his colleagues.  He was advised to stay away from the planned coup. Kanyi, and the coup organizer Basiru Barrow, both hailed from Jarra. One of his colleagues even told him that the coup had already leaked and that Edward Singhateh and other Council Members, were supposed to visit Yundum to address the soldiers.

Interestingly, Sanna Sabally, confronted Kanyi, and told him that they (the Council Members)  “heard that he (Kanyi) was part of the coup.” Mr. Sabally also told Kanyi, to proof himself, (his innocence) if he thinks that he was not complicit to the plot to overthrow the junta.

Kanyi, has indeed proven himself to Sabally. He volunteered to be part of the team that executed Cadet Sillah, Saye and others. He stabbed Saye in the stomach with his bayonet.

MBOOB 3On Saturday, immediately after killing Saye and others, Kanyi, participated on a Remembrance Day march pass on Sunday, held at the McCarthy Square, now known as the July, 22nd Square. Kanyi, is a very good driller. He likes to partake in drill exercises.

When Kanyi, returned to the Yundum Camp on Saturday, after the massacring of the arrested officers, Kanyi, was somehow unconscious. He seems to have lost his mind. The ghost of the executed officers tormented him throughout the night. He could not sleep that night. Junta Council Member Edward Singhateh, even offered to give Kanyi some money to buy alcohol so that he can relax his mind, but Kanyi, told him that he would be fine.

It should be noted that Alhagie Kanyi, had developed grudges against one of the executed officers Lieutenant Gibril Saye.  Saye, was his Field Instructor, and Platoon Sergeant at the Kudang Camp. Kanyi, was a Lance Corporal at the time.

MBOOB 2Kanyi, later got promoted to the rank of Sergeant, while Gibril Saye, was commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant. In the meantime, Kanyi, continues to work under Saye’s Company at Yundum.

Kanyi, had a history of absenting himself from work; AWOL; and reporting to work while under the influence of alcohol. He is an alcoholic. Lt. Saye demoted Kanyi, from the rank of Sergeant to private. This was well before the July, 22nd 1994 coup.

When the November, 11, coup failed, Kanyi, saw it as an opportunity to avenge his anger against his former Commander Gibril Saye. The rest is now history.

Events Leading To The November 11 coup

BASS BARROWThe November 11, failed coup was triggered by growing disenchantment among of the officers of the then Gambia National Army. The junta made unfulfilled promises to the soldiers. Among the unfulfilled promises include: The introduction of risk allowances for all soldiers across the board; to change the terms and conditions of the arm; among other promises. None of the promises were fulfilled.

On Wednesday, Edward, Yankuba Touray, and Sadibu Hydara came to the Yundum camp. A meeting was held at the recreation hall. Edward fired in the air. Edu then remarked: You see.. we all have guns. If you don’t change your minds, we will not change our minds. We are all one.” He called on the soldiers to be patient. Someone in the crowd bullied Edward. Mr. Singhateh tried to identify the person who bowed him, but to no avail. He couldn’t identify the person in question.

Finance Minister Koro Ceesay’s Murder

KORO'S KILLERSHours before the former Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay, was murdered, junta Defense Minister Edward Singhateh, summons some soldiers at his residence. The soldiers were called to report to the Assembly Area, at Edward’s home. In the army, it is known as (ASSY AREA). Among the soldiers, who showed up at Edu’s home include: Sergeant Lamin Fatty, Edu’s orderly Batch Samba Jallow, and Alhagie Kanyi. Suso, a former Gendarmerie officer was on guard at Singhateh’s home at the material time. Suso, now works with the NIA.

Days before the mission to kill Ousman Koro Ceesay, was executed, Alhagie Kanyi, confided to his trusted colleagues in the army that a state Minister was about to be killed. Kanyi, who appeared disgruntled, complained that the junta was using him for their own selfish interest. That, he (Kanyi) was often sidelined in times of parties and good time by the Junta. He felt that he was not being fairly rewarded by the junta. 

Alhagie Kanyi, did not reveal the name of the Minister, who was lined up to be killed. Sadly, the following day, Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay, was killed; his remains were dumped in his official Benz car and set ablaze by his killers.

Ousman Koro Ceesay, was among the officials, who showed up at the airport to bid farewell to dictator Yahya Jammeh, who was travelling to Ethiopia at the material time. Koro, was lured into the home of Yankuba Touray, a former junta Council member. He was invited for a meeting at Yankuba’s home. Present at the meeting was Edward Singhateh, Yankuba Touray, Koro Ceesay, himself, and the team assigned to take out Koro.

This was few days before Koro was going to present his budget speech to the nation. Koro, had a disagreement with Yahya Jammeh, and his Council Members, over the content of his budget speech. Koro, had mentioned in his budget speech that the junta members compensated themselves financially for overthrowing Jawara’s government. It was an unspecified amount of money that Jammeh, Edward, Yankuba, and co dipped from the state coffers.

Koro Ceesay, felt that The Gambian people deserved to know how much money was spent and acquired from financial institutions since the junta came to power. This decision of Koro, never went down well with the junta.

Despite numerous forewarnings not to include the money that the junta paid themselves for overthrowing Jawara’s government in his budget speech, Koro never heeded. He was still determined to inform Gambians what actually transpired financially that year.

While at Yankuba Touray’s home, Koro, was asked if he had a copy of his budget speech, and he replied in the affirmative. Upon going through the document, the junta Council members present at the meeting, discovered that Koro, has not amended the budget speech as advised. The guards were given orders to liquidate Koro. Koro, was manhandled and killed in cold blood. He was hit with a baseball baton by one of the assassins.

After killing Koro, his body was put on board his official car. The car was driven to a nearby hilly place outside Jamboor, where it was set ablaze by Peter Singhateh, soldier Lamin Fatty, Batch Samba Jallow, Alhagie Kanyi, and others. Petrol was poured on Koro’s car and set ablaze. The Minister was burnt to ashes with his official car. Peter Singhateh, was nearly consumed by the fire. Peter even sustained burns on his hand. 

OJ And Other PPP Officials Tortured

PPP leaderThe July, 1994 coup, which ushered the twenty one year Jammeh dictatorship, has created an untold stress, misery and hardship for the former officials of the erstwhile PPP government. Many PPP officials were arrested and tortured by the junta.

At the Fajara Barracks, OJ Jallow, the former Agriculture Minister, and others, were held for months without charge. Throughout their detention, the detainees were exposed to degrading treatment by the junta.

Guards led by the late Almamo Manneh, assembled OJ Jallow, MC Cham, Ousianou Njie, EX-President Jawara’s in-law, Yahya Ceesay and others, and brutally tortured them.

OJ Jallow, was completely undressed

MC Cham, was completely undressed

Ousainou Njie (Jawara’s in-law), was completely undressed

Yahya Ceesay, was completely undressed; just to name a few.

Our source, who witnessed the torture of OJ and Co said he spotted Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) among the detainees. Darboe, was dressed in a grand mubaba at the time. He was suffering from eye pain (Apollo). He was later released from state custody. Darboe, was not among those tortured.

The title that was given to the PPP officials detainees prior to the torture sessions commenced was: “Pro democrats.”

While the detainees were stripped off naked, petrol was poured on their bodies before the beatings started. The detainees were forced to lie on the ground. The beatings continued unabated.

Almamo, and his men also poured petrol on a cotton piece, which they inserted into the detainees behind, while a fan was blowing air. It was a pathetic situation. Some of the detainees could be heard crying.

Krubally 2The detainees were confined to the Mechanic and Transport office (MTO) at the Fajara Barracks. They were dumped into a car garage warehouse.

In the morning hours, Ebrima Krubally, would take them for physical training (PT). Ebrima Krubally, is now a Major with The Gambia Armed Forces. He works at the Joint Services Headquarters in Banjul. Krubally is from Nuimi.

OJ and his fellow detainees were required to make pushups in order to keep them healthy while under custody, our informant said.

As reported earlier, Almamo Manneh, now deceased, led the operation to torture OJ Jallow and the other detainees. Almamo, told our source, who happened to witness the torture of the former PPP officials: If you are not going to partake in the beatings, please leave here.” 

Krubally 1Michael Secka, alias Duckais, was also among the guards who tortured the detainees. Mike, used to work at the State Guard. He was a plain cloth officer at the time of the beatings.

Soldier Sissaho Fatty, and one Jallow, also participated in the beatings.

Sadly, the late Alamamo Manneh, was shot and killed by soldier Buba Jammeh. Both of them came from Nuimi. Buba was a Sergeant at the time. He is from Nuimi. Almamo was killed at Sting Corner. Buba Jammeh, was also at Almamo’s burial at the Yundum Barracks. He was seen constantly smoking at the burial site.

In another development, Corporal Dumbuya, a former State Guard, who was implicated a coup plot was killed by Amadou Touray, alias Carolos. Carlos, used to be a driver at the State Guard. He was a Lance Corporal at the time of killing Dumbuya. He now works with one of the NGOS in The Gambia.

In our subsequent edition, we will discuss Colonel Kawsu Camara, Bombaradeh’s involvement in the killing of the Ghanaian sailors in The Gambia, the 2006, March abortive coup, the killing of the April 10, student protesters.

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