Breaking News: Warning: Yahya Jammeh Is Supplying Fake Dalasi Banknotes To Senegalese Artists To Raise Funds!


It was all conceived in Kanilai, Yahya Jammeh’s home village, where Jammeh invited his Central Bank Governor Amadou Colley, Finance Minister Abdou Colley, Gamtel MD Baboucarr Sanyang, and Ports MD Lamin Sanyang to discuss ways and means of feeding unsuspecting Senegalese musicians with counterfeit Gambian dalasi banknotes in an attempt to raise funds for his bankrupt regime. The first operation with Wally Seck was successful. Millions of dalasi of fake Gambian banknotes were supplied to the artist.  He returned home without knowing that Jammeh and his surrogates have supplied him with counterfeit currency. The legitimate money derived from the Wally show went into the coffers of Jammeh. He is using Gamtel and Ports to legitimize his counterfeiting.

sanyangNext to visit Banjul, was Pap Diouf. Pap Diouf was billed by Gamtel and Ports to perform during the Independence weekend. Like Wally Seck, Pap Diouf too was paid with counterfeit dalasi notes. At the tail end of his show last night, Gamtel and ports raised another one million dalasi fake banknotes singing competition between Pap Diouf and one Pa Babou, a Gambian artist. The ports MD Lamin Sanyang, was seen dishing fake banknotes to the artists and the crowd.

In this month of March, Gamtel and Ports have invited Wally Seck again to perform in Banjul. Wally is expected to perform on March 26, 27, and 28 respectively. Has Wally’s constant trips to Banjul, not raise a red flag to  Dakar? Dakar, should wake up and beat Jammeh in his economic crime games declared against a sister country. Jammeh is determined to distribute his fake dalasi banknotes to the unsuspecting Senegalese artists.  Gamtel and Ports are being used as front to legitimize the counterfeiting.

lamin sanyang portsIt should be noted that legitimate cash flow is hard to get by in Banjul nowadays. The reason being: The regime of Yahya Jammeh has bankrupted the country. Secondly, the purchasing power has declined. Many here have lost faith in the economy, and the country.

The only way Jammeh and his cronies can raise funds is by using Senegalese artists to perform here and they will in turn use the recently printed counterfeit banknotes to pay the Senegalese artists. This is a government which is unable to pay workers salaries at this hour. There is a cash shortage in Banjul. 

In other words, Wally Seck, Pap Diouf, and the other Senegalese artists performing in Banjul are performing for free. They walk out of Banjul with fake banknotes. Yahya Jammeh, Gamtel and Ports stand to gain. The gate fees people are paying would go into their pockets. These are legitimate banknotes compared to the newly printed ones.

How comes that Macky Sall’s economic intelligence unit is unable to catch the obvious counterfeiting game plan hatched by the Kaniali monster? Jammeh is in desperate need of cash. He feels that the only way he can circulate his fake money is by hiding behind Senegalese artists.

In the meantime, while it is reported that the Senegalese border with The Gambia has been closed, Jammeh is never short of game plan to make up the money he is losing from the ferries and border posts across the country. Each time that a Senegalese artist visits he stands to gain a lot economically.

President Sall should ensure that the dalasi banknotes coming into his country are properly screened. Jammeh is up to no good!

Written By A Staff Writer

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