Gambia: Corrigendum Re: Justice Hassan B. Jallow!


Dear Pa Nderry, the report of your Banjul correspondent concerning the ending of the mandate of Justice Hassan Bubacar Jallow the renowned Gambian jurist is unfortunately very inaccurate in both the headline and body of the report. You alleged that the Security Council terminated the services of Justice Jallow as the Chief Prosecutor of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals. With due respect to the said correspondent, the report is factually incorrect and needs correction.

Mr. Jallow was appointed to the post by the Council for a four year term which expired on 29th February 2016. Following this, a new Prosecutor was appointed by the Security Council. His services were, therefore, not terminated by the Security Council. All records confirm that Mr. Jallow was, in fact, commended for his exemplary performance and outstanding achievements as both the Prosecutor for the ICTR and the MICT. 

Moreover, Mr. Jallow was not a candidate before the Council for reappointment as Prosecutor. As you have rightly pointed out, the selection of his successor raised, amongst other things, concerns over the absence of an African representation at the highest levels of the tribunal. With Mr. Jallow’s departure, it is clear that all the three principals of the tribunal now come from the Western European Group, despite the fact that the Tribunal is also partly based in Africa and is dealing with an African situation namely, Rwanda.

Your report of the alleged termination of Mr. Jallow’s services unfortunately and erroneously seems to suggest that there was dissatisfaction with his services. On the contrary, Mr. Jallow’s stewardship and management of the Rwanda tribunal led to a successful completion of its mandate and has been widely acknowledged by the United Nations, the international community and Rwanda. This is an achievement that Africa and The Gambia in particular, should be very proud of.

Whilst I have no doubt that your Banjul correspondent meant well with his report, the inaccurate reporting has certainly caused distress and unease to many, including some of your readers.

We should, therefore, all be thankful to Allah that one of our nationals has successfully and capably implemented a mandate entrusted to him by the international community. We pray that the exceptional skills, experience and leadership qualities exuded by Justice Jallow throughout his tenure as Prosecutor, and his distinguished career as a renowned International Jurist will help our dear country rise to the challenges ahead. 

Concerned Reader 

PS:  In the spirit of fair and balance it will be appreciated if this is published.  Thank you.

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