Gambia: Breaking News: Travel Advise For Gambia Travelers!


Visitors to The Gambia, particularly tourists and “Gambian semesters” should avoid keeping their monies, cell phones, and expensive valuables in their luggage, when travelling to the impoverished West African nation.  There is growing theft at the airport. There are dishonest Gambian airport workers, who are in the business of breaking into people’s luggage. Many travelers to The Gambia, have repeatedly complained about having their belongings stolen at the airport during arrival and departure time.

Travelers, who are in the business of keeping their monies in their suitcases or luggage are doing it at their own peril. There is no insurance in The Gambia that would take care of their stolen monies, or valuables.  Please be on the alert. Always have your expensive valuables and monies in your personal hand luggage when traveling the economically ravaged Gambia.

The reason for the unabated theft: Gambian Aviation workers often complained about poor wages. Hence, they thought that it is okay for them to steal from travelers. Airport related theft is prevalent in The Gambia.

Another thing travelers to The Gambia, should worry about is the endless hassle by workers at the airport, who have overtime become beggars. Travelers are usually delayed unnecessary, or prevented from boarding flights by the security officers on duty. Travelers, who failed to bribe security officers on duty, risked being delayed. Officers also come up with all kinds of phony bogus excuses just to extort bribe from travelers.

Occasionally, the security officers on duty, including Customs agents, would bill travelers with exorbitant excess baggage fees. Officers collect taxes from travelers without any receipt or documentation. They also seized food stuff from travelers.

Many travelers to The Gambia, have had terrible experiences in the hands of security on duty. The airport should not be turned as a begging ground. It should also not be reduced as an outlet, where thieves can break into people’s luggage.

Written By A Correspondent

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