Gambia: Corrigendum Re: Justice Hassan B. Jallow!


Mr. Mbye, I have seen the corrigendum. Just for purposes of your consumption, what the concerned reader failed to tell your readers is:

  1. Did Mr. Jallow offer himself for reappointment or extension of contract to continue his mandate?

In my report, I mentioned Security Council matters are done behind-the-scenes. I am informed that as Mr. Jallow was the sitting prosecutor, the Secretary General, in a normal setting, will first seek an expression of interest from the incumbent prosecutor or office holder as to possible extension/continuation of contract.  The Secretary General, behind-the-scenes again, consults the Council Members, especially the powerful Permanent Members as to any objections or whether there is an alternative candidate to the incumbent.  In this instance, I am informed the United States, Britain and France supported the candidacy of the Belgian, Serge Brammertz.  You can draw your inferences/conclusions as editor. 

So, to answer the question, if Justice Jallow did not offer himself for reappointment/continuation, then the concerned reader is right to say my report is inaccurate. But had he [Justice Jallow] offered himself for extension, with the United States, Britain and France opting for a replacement, this amounts to a “termination”.

In reporting this matter, I did not lose sight of the difficult terrain Gambian journalists operate. Many issues are left untouched as they are considered taboo, like the word “termination” in this instance. I want to inform you that the report does not, and could not, in any way, diminish Justice Jallow’s great achievement as the son of the soil. 

Hope this clarifies.

Keep up the struggle.

Written By A Correspondent 

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