Gambia: Gambia Becoming A Laughing Stock Under Yahya Jammeh!


Gambia – A senior political commentator has comfortably told Freedom that Yahya Jammeh is making Gambia a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

The commentator’s comment arrived after many analysts’ say Yahya is dragging Gambia into the theatre of the absurd due to his bad behaviour.

 “Yahya Jammeh is truly making Gambia a laughing stock. He has already earned the scorn of other world leaders through his poor human rights record,” he said.

The Banjul-based commentator added: “Currently, he is making a mockery of his office through the current embarrassing debacle of declaring Gambia an Islamic State.

“This is just the latest in a series of political faux pas. He has shown a high level of inconsistency in his recent decisions on national issues.”

According to him, Yahya’s inability to run Gambia has been laid bare.

“After 21 years, a great many Gambians now think this man cannot do this job. Some of his actions are simply unknown to 21st century leadership. And while his colleagues in Africa are busy developing their nations, Yahya is busy oppressing his people,” he said.

Yahya, 50, has ruled Gambia since seizing power in 1994.  He is believed to be one of the world’s weirdest presidents. Analysts say Yahya, over the course of his 21-year presidency, settled upon weird decisions that were out of touch with 21st century politics. In 2007, he claimed he could cure Aids as long as it was on a Thursday. He pulled Gambia out of the Commonwealth in 2013, calling it a neo-colonial institution. Last December, he declared Gambia an Islamic state.

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