Gambia: Jammeh Brands His Cabinet Ministers “Ignorant” When It Comes To Islamic Knowledge!


Banjul, The Gambia-Dictator Yahya Jammeh says he doesn’t need any “chicken change” from the west to run his already bankrupt government. Jammeh did admits that over the years his regime has relied on “chicken change” western funds to run projects in the impoverished West African nation. But he says if given time by Gambians, his countrymen will emerge from poverty to superpower state. Mr. Jammeh was speaking at the end of a government retreat held in Kanilai.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about The Gambia and her citizens suffering for so long since the advent of his rule. He blamed westerners, particularly the donor community, for Gambia’s economic and political mishaps. He attributed the country’s current economic problems to western sanctions. 

Notwithstanding, Jammeh reassured Gambians that in any hardship or injustices, there is bound to be brighter days ahead. He noted that pretty soon Gambians would overcome such injustices the country had “suffered in the hands of the imperialists.” 

Sounding confused and worried about the future of his internationally isolated regime, Jammeh also used the occasion to reaffirm his government’s zero tolerance for official corruption. He warns public officials to desist from corrupt practices saying anyone caught on corruption related crimes would be dealt with.

Jammeh, who earns his riches through corrupt practices, referenced the Commissions of Inquiry set up by the former military junta he headed, as a prime example to fight corruption in the country. He said some of the former PPP officials, who used to brag about their riches and powers are today poorer than church mouse. He says he doesn’t feel sorry for the suffering former PPP officials one minute adding that the regime they served was flamboyant.  

The Kanilai jester also talks about Ministers, consulting with their grand marabouts after each cabinet retreat in  Kanilai to seek for prayers so that he (Jammeh) wouldn’t sack them. Jammeh said no amount of marabouts can save Ministers found to be wanting or abdicating their duties. He insists that he will fire officials, who are not working in the interest of the country.

The Kanilai born dictator used the occasion to question the religious knowledge of his Ministers. He says some of the Ministers doesn’t know how to pray or recite the Koran. He branded the Ministers as ignorant when it comes to Islamic knowledge.  Jammeh then embarked on an Islamic lecture to tutor the Ministers what the Islamic verse “Fatia” means. He urged his cabinet to seek Islamic knowledge so that they can familiarize themselves as to some of the important verses contained in the Koran.

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